Thursday, September 12, 2013

My way to say sorry for the year

I am sorry for:

-for not having work
-for not calling people
-for any lies I have told
-I haven't kept in touch with many friends
-I am sorry I can't think of more things to be sorry for

I know there are other aspect in life I need to apologize and I have my personal apologize to give to the people in my life and will do so personally. This is my list for Yom Kippur, this is what I am sorry for.
Tomorrow I begin my fast, I will put aside my love for disney and the urge to go to the openning of the halloween season, I will walk with my nother to shul, I will say my prayers ignore my urge workout, mediate and contemplate.
I ask Hashem to forgive me for many of my actions, to open his book and consider me not as an enemy or someone who has dissappointed but as someone who has worked hard to try to be what he has expected in me.

To all of those who are fasting tomorrow have a safe and quick fast. For those who are asking for forgiveness and saying there prayers I hope you are forgiven and I hope your prayers are answered.

Tomorrow night we ask for redemption and for a new beginning
Till Next Time

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