Friday, August 30, 2013

Rosh Hashana 2013

   As you may all know my life is filled with thoughts, contemplations (yes there is a slight difference between the two), memories, and dreams. Soon Rosh Hashana is arriving. In fact, it comes on the eve of September 5th and will be celebrated with going to services, probably at Tifereth Israel Synagogue and dinner with way to many people at my house. I know if you don't know what Rosh Hashana is you probably are all confused with the introduction sentence and the rest of this mediocre paragraph. To be honest like this paragraph I don't even know how to take on this Rosh Hashana other than to explain my what it is and hopefully I will figure out where to go from there.

  The reason I started about contemplation is because Rosh Hashana is all about contemplation. It is about deeply thinking and thoroughly observing what was in the past and what shall be for the year to come. Rosh Hashana is the Jewish New Year, with the literal definition being "head of the year." It is a time when we celebrate the creation of the world and Adam and Eve, and think about how we have lived our lives and pretty much list the reasons why we should ask for forgiveness when yom kippur arrives. In all honesty if you look at the high holidays which actually begins before Rosh Hashana although people believe other wise. Elul is like the Thanksgiving of the Jews (NOT RELIGIOUSLY) it's in the sense the prelude to Rosh Hashana like Thanksgiving is the prelude to Christmas. Elul is the Lunar month before Rosh Hashana, the last month of the year and in all honesty nothing occurs and nothing should occur between the first of Elul and Rosh Hashana. Elul is a month of making lists, thinking, and planning. Rosh Hashana is the time where contemplation and prayer takes place. Elul is the true time you look at everything in your life. For example this past month I have been looking at my life and planning. I have planned to finally face may fears of mine. I have grown closer to my parents already which was my goal in the past, I have finally started the process of joining the U.S. navy which I have wanted to do since sophomore year of high school and I am  beginning to realize that although change is not what I wanted to accomplish spiritually and emotionally it is what has occured in my life.

   I also have been contemplating the future and have been. I realize that I am one stubborn biznatch when it comes to what I see in my future and although I have preeched to myself and others that I am passionate about adoption in the future for myself I have to take into consideration the other people in my life. whether that be a significant other in the future, and especially my parents and family. I don't think people realize how important the thoughts and opinions of a brother, mother and father is to a person. If you haven't noticed although I call myself daddy's little girl I am also my mother's daughter and because of this put her intertwine her thoughts with mine. It's rather aggravating sometimes but what mother doesn't want her own grandchildren. Maybe I don't really have to think about that and Danny or Adam can be a great fathers some day to their biological children. The future for me as I contemplate this month and this coming new year is no longer a blur but puzzle pieces of numerous puzzles scattered together ready to be put together with the proper pieces to fit the image they were made to create.

  Rosh Hashana is about the past but not jsut about the f*** ups, and the regrets, the sadness and the forgiveness but it is also about looking at the good. It is about going back into the past year and thinking about the closeness that has occurred with my parents and my brothers, the success of taking the ASVAB test for the military, spending six amazing months in the Holy land, my second home and loving living life with my family there. It is about celebrating those moments as well. That is why we have Elul before Rosh Hashana. It is a month of listing all of that. Elul is the month where I make two lists. The good and the bad. Some years I will admit the bad out weighs the good but for the most part it has been a landslide with the good beating the bad.

To give you a small example of some things on my list, here it is: 
  • getting close with the family
  • maintaining weight and health
  •  6 beautiful months in Israel
  •  Disney park annual pass
  •  Following my dreams
  • Becoming more and more happy with myself
  • An 82 on the ASVAB

  • leaving Israel
  • Not facing certain fears (just yet).
  • No job
  • There is no CafeNeto in the states

 Now on Rosh Hashana or really on the day before you begin to plan for the year to come. You can do that with lists, notes, a book, a journal or even a blog considering that is what I am doing. What’s my plan? Simply put it is to see where the Navy takes me this year. I am first going to enjoy my cousins bar mitzvah. This year my cousin Mikey, Michael becomes a man. To be honest I already thought he was a few years back with how mature he portrays himself but to see him go up to the ark hold the Torah and give himself to g-d as a man, as a soldier ready to do what he should do as a man is going to be so amazing and the fact that he is beginning the year he becomes a man walking to cure diabetes says it all. After his Bar Mitzvah, I get to have another amazing celebration. I also get to spend the beginning of this year celebrating weddings. First a good friend, Danny’s best friend is getting married in South Africa and although sadly I am not going to join him in South Africa I will get to celebrate here with them and I will be there in spirit. There are other weddings I get the privilege of spiritually celebrating but most importantly (when it comes to weddings), soon after my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah I get to celebrate my cousin’s wedding. I have been on the bleacher’s of my cousin’s life for years enjoying watching her be the role model that she is. Going from Jewish Academy to USC to moving to Chicago to further her knowledge in psychology so she can be the psychologist she strives to be and to be close to her now fiancĂ©. I have been there watching her father wake her up for school (which could take hours), I have made fun of her addiction to lemon and chips and I have been pissed when people in her life hurt her. Now I get to be there for one great day. These occasions right here are all I need in the next year.
   I think this is why I have been thinking and contemplating extra hard recently. Imagine all this good occurring in such a short period of time. Not just that but I have begun my own journey by taking the ASVAB and talking to a recruiter as well as place the dream of becoming a dietitian and a mother in my future (not this year though). What more could I ask for on this day?
   Rosh Hashana at the moment in my head is like a book of one of many classes taken at a college. I am reading the book for the class on Rosh Hashana and I ams tuck in understanding. So what should I do? Look at another book for another class called Yom Kippur. The last day of the high holidays (no, Sukkot is not a high holiday but a holiday that follows). It is the day you ask for forgiveness and I talk about forgiveness after planning and as does Hashem for in my opinion one reason and one reason only. You can’t ask for forgiveness, you can’t move on without knowing why you are moving on and why you are asking for forgiveness which is why you have from Rosh Hashana, ten days to think about that before Yom Kippur comes. SO I will leave you with that as my ending so I can celebrate Rosh Hashana and contemplate. I will eat my apples and honey, I will go to synagogue and in time maybe I will be able to share my reasons for saying sorry to Hashem (g-d), the people around me and myself.
Till Next Time

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Health Mex Cuisine

   Mexican food has been a part of my life just as much as Israeli and Jewish cuisine. I grew up with a second mommy who lived up the streets, who grew up in Mexico and who would cook many different delicious foods for me on a regular basis one of those being my favorite brunch dish, Mollettes, a hard bread, split in two the core scooped out to make room for black beans, melted cheese and some salsa. I also live in San Diego where on every corner you have a Mexican or Latin restaurant roaming around. In San Diego if you go out to eat you are pretty much going for the california burrito, taquitos, or some delicious fish tacos. Unfortunately Mexican cuisine has the reputation of being not the healthiest cuisine to choose from and to be honest I have been a firm believer of that.

Recently I was reminded of how wrong I am in my thinking and my view of Mexican food in San Diego. It took two very different restaurants to prove me wrong. First, Casa De Pico, a large Mexican American restaurant in Grossmont center in La Mesa. A great restaurant to go to where you can see them making fresh tortillas the food is deliciously fresh and you have an array of options. Not only can you flip through and see varies styles of Mexican food but the menu also has sections for the vegetarian, those who are axing out gluten from their diet and for those who want to have an overall healthy (lo-cal) meal. Vegetarians can enjoy a tamale, enchilada, some salads and other options. The gluten free menu consists of salads, soups, ceviche, fish tacos and many other options and the healthy menu will include lo-cal fajita options, salads, fish tacos, chicken and black bean tostada and also more options. I have gotten a few different salads there, and it has been difficult because for me I am not only gluten free but have been sugar free (cane and processed sugars) for a long time now. Try asking for a salad dressing with no sugar. It's like your asking the waiter to find the solution that will lead to time travel. They will give you a puzzled look, ask you to repeat the order and then, reply with "Uhhhhhh..... Let me see what we can find." I will admit I have had two different experiences
when it comes to salad dressings at this place. Once the waiter returned with these prepackaged style dressing, you know those ones you get when you buy a pre-made salad at the grocery store. The second time I went a lovely waitress instead of acting puzzled comes out and says we don't really have many options but I can bring out some olive oil and balsamic or some lemons. That is always a win for me so I said yes.

 This last time I went to the restaurant to be honest I wasn't really hungry at all but I decided to explore their healthy menu a bit more. I am a sucker for Fajita style veggies so the fact that they have a vegetarian fajita option got me all jittery and then I saw it. My next possible option, the Mexican stir fry under 500 calories. stir fried veggies and shredded chicken over rice, I know where my next lunch out will possibly be but then again a gluten free fish taco is always a go to for me.

  My second restaurant experience that has reminded me of how wrong I am about one of my favorite cuisines is a restaurant that has been near and dear to my heart for many years. MyGuadalajara is a wonderfully home feeling hole in the wall style Mexican restaurant down the street from my home. If I wasn't eating Mollettes at my second mommy's house I was down the street at MyGuadalajara enjoying a conversation with the owner of the place or sitting with friends at the outside tables enjoying the weather. I would order the same thing almost every single time which was the carne asada plate (a plate of sauteed marinated beef from a flank steak or chuck). This plate would come with a plate full of refried beans with cheese on top, mexican rice, pico de gallo,  sour cream, guacamole, and either two flour tortillas or three corn tortillas. All of this doesn't sound to unhealthy when you just read it except for the fact that everything is
cooked in oil and if you really pay attention to words and you go to the refried beans, allow me to emphasize the RE part of the REfried beans. This means that it is fried extra (very healthy). guacamole can be very healthy and I have mentioned my love for the guacamole, but imagine getting 3-4 servings of a 100 calorie (give or take) per serving guacamole on top of a boat load of fattening sour cream then you get 3 servings of Mexican red rice, and tortilla's that probably are made with lard and have a calorie count of 150-200 calories each. This sounds so great. the only freebie you may get on that plate is the pico de gallo which is tomatoes and onions diced together with a little heat to it. This entire explanation is probably why Mexican cuisine has such a terrible reputation of being unhealthy. I will admit that I have missed this particular dish but to be honest what I have had missed the most is coming into the restaurant and enjoying the atmosphere.

  Last week I caved in, I let go of my horrendous fears and stereotypes and took my best friend down to MyGuadalajara. Ok, I will admit both the fears and stereotypes were still there I just decided to splurge and get what I wanted and not worry about it. Immediately upon arrival I was welcomed back to the restaurant by the owner working the cashier for the day and the cook behind her who has probably worked there since the dawn of it's time. This is a place where you go up to the cashier to order and then you sit and wait for a spectacular plate of food. Before the food comes out you get chips served to you with a house made salsa which is one of my favorite salsa to scarf down. The chips are ok, sub-par in my opinion but everyone is willing to eat them all just to have a big chunk of salsa placed into their mouths and soon after plates filled with colorful Mexican smells, colors and all around great flavors are brought to where we are sitting in a friendly manner. Of course as I opened the menu my eyes went directly to that mouth watering reminiscent plate, the carne asada plate. I choked up a little and started scanning the menu more. To my surprise I saw many options like fish tacos (again) which in this case is actually sauteed instead of battered and fried which adds probably the same (if not more) flavor then fried fish tacos with a lot less calories. I also saw chicken fajitas, grilled chicken with onions, salads, and also said to my self a carne asada plate without all the sides would be a decent option. My mind was set on something with chicken. The salad option they have there I can get with chicken and I can ask them to ax the sour cream and refried beans, grilled chicken and onions sounds just as delicious and fajitas are always tasty. I decided I had to go with the fajitas which also can come with corn or flour tortillas and my preference is usually corn tortillas. I get the order forgetting to ask them light on the oils and all the other requests. Now, here is when it is great to be acquainted with the people working the kitchen.... The plates were brought out as normal, the Fajita plate sizzling hot still cooking the chicken and veggies while my friends fish tacos also arrived. I looked down already remembering that I forgot to ask them to lighten up on the oil and noticed something different about the plate. I took a napkin ready to blot the chicken and did so and something was very different now. I was pleasantly shocked to see there was a minuscule amount of oil. I smiled for a moment and soon after for a split second dreaded tasting it because it might be to dry or even flavorless because that tends to occur a lot. I took the first bite hesitantly, started to chew and slowly gained my smile back. It was flavored and moist yet light. I am not one who knows how many calories that lunch included and I don't care I know it was light definitely lower than 500 calories and it was just as moist, succulent, flavorful and enjoyed as any Mexican dish.

  Walking home I was inspired to right this blog to say these next few lines. You can decide you will be the one cooking a Mexican meal at home and you can also decide to completely ax it from your life because of your fears or some ridiculous reason but eventually you will be like me and just cave in or you can take the next option. Forget about your fears, forget the stereotypes and just go to your favorite restaurant. There is no harm in asking for changes, there is no harm in letting the waiters and waitresses know your story and there is no harm in enjoying even the slightest splurge. You may even be surprised to know that a Mexican splurge or any splurge for that matter isn't really a splurge at all, it's just the way you bring joy in your life and to repeat myself there is no harm in that.

  I know I am going to remember my skills as a restaurant goer, I am going to enjoy the great times I have being surrounded by people who are loving their meals and who are providing that love of food and I am going to love life.

Till Next Time