Saturday, February 2, 2013

The importance of a birthday

I was born February 3rd, 1989 which is Today here in Israel. I take pride in my Birthday and every year I expect to celebrate in some way. For some this isn't the case. In some cultures birthdays are celebrated in groups, celebrating once a year with the peers your age. Some people don't even know how old they are and others just don't care. To me all of this is just down right disgusting.
All the time there are celebrations for someone or something. For myself I can't even count the holidays I have stacked up in my year. As an American I celebrate Presidents day, Memorial day, Mothers and Fathers day, Grandmothers day, Thanksgiving and many others. As a Jew I celebrate Passover, Purim (celebrating not being killed in Persia by getting drunk drinking wine dressing up and reading the story of Esther), Chanukah, Tu B'shvat (holiday of trees), and again many others. As a hopefully to be Israeli I celebrate Yom Haatzmaut (independence day),  The Jewish New year, Itzhak Rabin Rememberence, Yom Hashoah and Victory Day (holocaust remebrence and soon after the celebration of Victory of WWII), and many others. As a human being I celebrate the birth of my parents, brothers, cousins, grandmother, and friends.
Others may celebrate something else. In China the celebrate the Life and mourn the death of Qu Yoan a famous scholar during the Dragon Boat Festival, In the Phillippines they celebrate Bonifacio Day, a day remembering the heroism of Andre Bonifacio and commemorating his death. He is known as the father of the Phillippine Revolution. In Mexico Cinco De Mayo Commemorates the victory over France in 1867 and in many cultures people celebrate All Saints Day remembering the Saints of their Religion.
As you can see we have many celebrations and remembrence days. We celebrate others and we commemorate days of importance, so why is it that some don't want to celebrate their own greatness?
Even the lowest scum on the planet should celebrate their birthdays in my opinion. Each person brings something to this world and on one day, on one special day they have the choice to do so. Even Hitler (although some may find this offensive) has the right to celebrate the fact that he gave the world technology that couldn't have been imagined before his time.
Today I am taking the time to celebrate. I am going to go out with my mother and maybe others and celebrate with them, I am going to remember that on this day my mother gave birth to me and that I should celebrate this because A. I am just that awesome. B. I have worked hard to be a good sister, daughter, grandaughter and friend. C. Because who else could have taken a disorganized platoon with a shotty Platoon leader and turned it into an Honor Platoon many years ago. D. Because today is the only day where I can throw away every negative memory and say "these are the great memories I have, These are the memories of myself giving, myself being, and myself changing at least one life in the world."
Instead of asking for a million and ten gifts from others I truly only ask for one special notion: Celebrate yourself on your birthday in any way you wish worthy of your greatness and celebrate others as they turn a year older and a year wiser.

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