Friday, January 4, 2013

Past Me vs. Me

I write this blog after feeling bloated, fat and just down right gross after a couple of days. Please apologize for the language but past me was in-love with cussing.

Pre-Real Life me: "Oy! I am a fat ass, I should do something. Na I am good who wants to do anything anyways plus I love my fat ass. How about a game of Zelda and some chocolate chip cookie dough Ben and Jerry's pint, or maybe Jessica (roommate) will wanna do a movie and some icecream cupcakes?"

Sick me (after real life): "Oy I feel fat. the morning bootcamp wasn't enough, feeling tired and fat what to do? I know a 5k will do me good.... On the run: OW!! my chest!! gotta keep going, can't breath, almost done 1k left, FML it hurts so close!!!

Me: " Oy! I feel fat, haven't done much all day, feeling bloated what to do what to do? I know let's walk to CafeNeto, make it extra long going down Ussishkin around to Sokolov...." on the walk "So many fun energetic people! I am now in an energy boost. Maybe I can walk faster or even jog? Worried about my chest. Well if it hurts I won't be stupid to much energy to say NO." Ok it was a jog: "If I keep this pace I can make it all the way! wait know hard to breath I should slow down, ok to the post and I will stop it's just another foot to challenge myself a little bit." the rest was a walk just about a block away.

A. Uber proud of myself
B. Been feeling like a chubs since I got on the meds and I hate it but what can you do.
C. All it takes is some Education a switch of the brain and a can do attitude to be healthy.
and D. G-d I love Ramat Hasharon Friday afternoon!

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