Sunday, January 13, 2013

GMO, Controvery or Not?

The site above is a link everyone should watch the video. It's short but informative. Like my belief in GMOs it states that it's controversial for a reason.

I actually had a conversation with a friend about GMO foods. Talking about how it isn't always bad. I do to some extent believe that like with the berries that were mistakenly GMOed by just placing seeds together accidently.
You could also look at Disney inc.  go to Disneyworld and take that cool tour that takes you around the behind the scenes stuff that is in Magic Kingdom if I recall correctly. You will go through one of there green rooms where you will see them growing "GMOed" foods. They really aren't GMOed all that much but what you may see is them reshaping vegetables like their pumpkins by having them grow in molds. Honestly I don't really know how I feel about that but it's a whole lot better than knowing that Hormones are placed in my food.

I am a firm believer not in getting rid of GMO foods completely because to be honest most Americans and people around the world would sadly not know what to eat because they have grown up with GMOed foods but it should be labeled and not just labeled but how is it GMOed.

I know I am way past the fight and sadly we lost the battle in California but this video brought it back to me.

Understand GMO, Understand health, Understand what you are eating and you can choose how you want to be healthy and you can make your own choices for a change.

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