Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gun Control: Make Your Own Opinion

   Gun control has always been a huge debate in politics. the question is :should there be a ban on ban control? Due to recent events the debate has flared. We have had to deal with the massacres of a movie theater, mall, college, and an elementary school as the most recent tragic event. After an array of facebook posts from the news, media and from friends I have realized that everyone is pulling a Romney (no offense to him). You all in the past have believed in guns in homes but with light restrictions or more restrictions but now you are flip flopping and changing your mind. Here is my belief on that:

   You all aren't just hypocrites but you are uneducated niave hypocrites (and my apologize on the cruelty). People who flip flop on there beliefs flip flop because of two reasons 1. is money and power (seen in politics on a daily basis) and 2. is knowledge on what you believe in. So allow me to educate you a little bit so you can make your own opinion on the fact and that you can actually believe in that opinion.

Fun history facts about Guns:

  •  1774 there was a ban on guns and ammunition in the colonies pushing the conflict between the colonies and Britain into a full blown civil war.
  • There is a huge debate on what the second amendment states. If you read it in it's grammatically correct form it does not say that all people have the right to bear arms but that the people have the right to have a militia that can bear arms to protect the people. 
    "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." Bill of Rights 1791
  • Firearm regulations didn't begin till 1927 when mailing concealed weapons was outlawed. 
  • This one is sad; In 1929 the Soviet Union placed extreme laws on gun control and later 20 million unarmed civilians were exterminated because they couldn't defend themselves. This isn't the only country to ban guns for the purpose of power: Turkey, Germany, Uganda, Cambodia and other countries begin with "gun control" then extermination of civilians. It's called GENOCIDE! 
  • After gun control laws were placed in Austrailia, Homiced by gun control increased. 
  • Japan passed stricked gun laws and restrictions in 1971 and has the lowerst gun related homicides. 
Lets Talk Japan. It's not that guns are completely bannned in Japan. In fact any person can get a gun in Japan they just have to work for it. In Japan you have to begin with taking classes and taking a test that only occurs once a year. That does not inclue the classes and test required to take at a shooting range (something that should have been done before someone gave Cheney a gun). After these tests you are ordered to go to a hospital to get a mental assessment and a drug test which need to be done periodically as well while owning a gun. The last test is a background check to make sure you haven't already done anything scetchy or you don't belong to like the KKK or something like that. While owning the gun you have to send a report to the police yearly about where your gun and ammo are placed at home which also need to be placed seperately and locked away. Lastly the police get to inspect the gun and where you hold your gun yearly. 

alright the yearly police check ups my be debated but everything else I feel is legitate! Why not have all these tests done? Think about it..... Every story you here about some psychotic homicidal bastard (excuse my language) is about A. how easy it was for this psycho to get a gun B. get numerous guns C. the lack of mental stability in his/her life, and D. Where was the gun control? Japan that isn't the question at all. 

What are the federal laws of gun control?  First know that the National Firemarms Act  taxes manufacting and distributing of machine guns, pistols, short barrel guns, revolver and other guns seen as "especially lethal." WTF is "especially lethal mean? That which can kill? Can't all weapons kill? 
The gun control act of 68 prohibits selling mail order guns, guns to anyone from out of state, not of age, and to persons wich criminal background. It also prohibits imprtation of guns not used for sporting firearms (seriously WTF does that mean?), and requires records of all commercial gun sales and sets the penalties of the use of a firearms in drug trafficking and violent crimes.
  Basically if you tell them your sane and get a license not only can you buy guns but ou can sell them as well. 

Let's talk about today's sad stories of young children being killed. A man who was seen as having some proplems was able to get more than one gun, shoot his mother at home then go to an elementary school and shoot up a firestorm killing over 20 people including a large percentage of children. WTF!!. I would never want to bring down the emotions that we all should have towards this horrible situation. It is devastating and my heart goes out to everyone. There is a but.... But I don't believe guns should be completely banned. I believe that guns should be more strongly ferderally limited like they are in Japan. Having not only rules against the types of guns used and where those guns can be used but have any person who owns a weapon like a gun go through mental and background checks as well and have to annually have these test redone along with other laws. I believe that a person should have the right to be able to protect themselves and a person (although I wouldn't do it myself) has the right to have a gun for sporting reasons (deer hunting, bird hunting etc..) and I believe a person should feel safe with a person next to them with a gun. I feel safe whenever I see a gun on the streets in Israel knowing that A that person has been trained in shooting their weapon and B it is most likely that person has that weapon because he is there to protect me and the other people around me.

Please Please Please don't go flip flopping your ideas of what is right and wrong just because of a tragity. Take this situation to really understand fully what you believe than give your opinion. I will gladly say I have never changed my belief in the rights of others to protect themselves but I also believe that I myself should never own a gun because I know I am not mentally fit for a weapon in my hand and people should have those restrictions.

I hope you all take this into consideration

Till Next Time!

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