Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanks before the Shopping

Thanksgiving is coming soon and I feel like it has been a forgotten Holiday. I have been walking around town, in malls, grocery stores, at the beach and in town and I notice that everything is about Christmas. I know that this is because we live in a world where consumers need to be sold to and Christmas is the biggest selling holiday there is but honestly people before you put up your lights (which I know it's to late for some) and before you buy your Christmas gifts breath a little and remember that this month on November 22nd there is in my opinion a more important holiday.
Thanksgiving and Christmas are family oriented but if you look at history that wasn't always the case with Christmas and as for Thanksgiving although the history is harsh it still the truth that it started as a way to give thanks to friends and family. Christmas started as a more community based holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. In the late 19th century this changed after a ban on the holiday. It was brought back more as a family oriented holiday. I wouldn't say in recent years but it hasn't been long since Christmas became a consumer based holiday. Not saying I don't love Christmas cause this is one Jewish girl that loves Christmas time. I love seeing my neighbors put up their large Christmas tree, going to the stores and watching everyone buy gifts and considering in my house hold we do tend to celebrate an Americanized Hanukkah I totally take pride in saying I join in the shopping, and I love the concept of it being not just about Jesus's birthday but a continuation of being thankful for Jesus and for your family. As I mentioned before though Thanksgiving has been forgot because of this change in what Christmas has become and I hope that you all begin to remember the importance of thanksgiving after this blog and in the long run.
  The first example of Thanksgiving was the thankful feast that was put on by pilgrims in November 1621 after a couple Native Americans taught them how to harvest crops and fish successfully. This however wasn't the start of a holiday. A thankful feast wasn't brought back till two years later after the end of a drought for the pilgrims and throughout history there have been days of thanks for end of wars, droughts and so forth. In 1817 several states began to celebrate some form of thanksgiving as a state holiday. It wasn't until 1863 when president Abraham Lincoln made the last Thursday of November the national holiday we know today as Thanksgiving.
   Isn't it interesting how this one man has been brought up so frequently lately? Two movies about the man just this year in theater (One isn't exactly historically correct but it still depicts him as one bada** president and vampire slayer) and to top that off this past election he was brought up numerous times. In my belief he has been one of the best if not the best president this country has had. off topic I know, I am continuing on...
  Today thanksgiving has been a bridge between Halloween and Christmas. It was a sign that sales for     Christmas will begin in a few hours. I kid you not. Black Friday has become a nuisance and to top it off you don't even have to wait for after Thanksgiving anymore. The biggest stores like Wal-Mart and Target are actually starting their sales on Thanksgiving. Seriously What happened to family time for Thanksgiving.
Soon thanksgiving with the family will be the Monday before spending it online with your family buying them the gifts they want for the holidays then Thursday night going out to Wal-Mart to get the new Nintendo system or the new and improved Furby up till the next morning where you will still be shopping. I guess I talk from a passionate place in my heart where Thanksgiving family dinner is. I grew up appreciating the meaning to Thanksgiving. If we put aside the horrible truth about the up coming of Thanksgiving and how pilgrims basically kicked out the Native Americans after years of a shared friendship and trading relationship than we can go up to why Abraham Lincoln made it a national holiday and in fact go beyond that. Abraham Lincoln wanted Thanksgiving to be a way of the country to be gratetful that we are "One Nation," he wanted the country to see this holiday, both the confederate states and union states and be reminded that we are grateful for this great country. Thanksgiving today has been and should be more than that. Thanksgiving has become a feast at home with the people we love sharing what we are grateful for along with a rather large turkey feast.
  For myself it is both a national and family holiday. Ever since I was a child we would celebrate mainly at my grandparents' house with anyone who was family and that includes even distant cousins and just friends. We gave thanks for what we had and for myself and my brothers sometimes that included the spoiled aspect of toys and computers and so much more along with things that have occurred in school and with friends and family, but most importantly although we never would really all say it, we were all grateful that we were American. Because of America and it's wondrous opportunities my grandfather was able to move states and cities, follow his dream to be an actor, switch careers for his family and marry the woman he fell in love with. Because of America my grandmother was not only able to graduate high school at a young age, raise three children to be great parents and cook as much as she wants, America also let her do this after they allowed her to move here after the Holocaust and the loss of her family. Thanks to America I wouldn't really exist and we wouldn't have such a strong large family that loves each other. This year on the 22nd of November this is one thing I will be giving thanks for along with my recent good health, and the fact that my parents haven't kicked me out of the house yet.
  Even while all of the change in our society is occurring all around my family somehow we never really bought into black Friday. I went with my mother once to the Macy's in Fashion Valley and it was really just to experience the craziness of it all. To be honest it is so overrated. The truth is that we had a great time. We woke up way to early to get to Macy's before it opened and we did buy a few things in the hustle and bustle but with my mother's shopping skills somehow we always get a good deal no matter what day it is so black Friday meant nothing. It really just became a way to spend time with my mother although it was done shopping(not my favorite activity).
  I guess it all just confuses me. Why is it the Thanksgiving has become such a consumer drawn holiday, why is it that many of us are forgetting to just sit down with our families and give thanks for one on other and what we are blessed with in life, and why is it that I am passionate about this topic? I guess it is because I was raised with such a strong family so that I won't give in to this new found reason to not celebrate thanksgiving and I guess it truly is because if I see one more commercial about buying on layover for the holidays or how Target has the best deals for Thanksgiving shopping before black Friday I will have to restrain myself from breaking the T.V. Either way I think we all need to just stop before we shop this year, sit around a table with whoever we want to and just be thankful we are where we are in life. Hopefully we all can do this because believe me when I say it will be a great way to relieve stress.
  I Hope this Thanksgiving for you will be just like mine shall be. An all American family gathering with the ones you hold true to your heart and is a day you give thanks to who ever you believe in and to those around you along with this great country we live in (even if Texas disagrees).

Till Next Time!

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