Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Zen run up Cowles!

Haven't written a blog for myself in a while so thought I would do so.
What is today about?

Simply put it is about a great cleanse, a wonderful Cowles Mountain run and a bunch of other random stuff.
First lets talk about today... I am doing fabulous today. As I mentioned in a twitter post earlier on it is day 10 of my Zen Cleanse I have added lentils and rice to my week and it has boosted my energy a little more which was great for my 50 minute euphoric run up Cowles Mountain! I loved it! I don't really know if it was the cleanse, the fact that I haven't run Cowles in a while or the fact that everyone on the mountain today seemed really happy, but for some reason it was great. I know the energy is a result to the cleanse and adding rice to my day. Carbs are key to energy and as much as I have been getting a decent amount during the cleanse not a good amount for a run up a mountain so today when I was at work eating my amazing rice dish I woke up and decided the weather was amazing, I have energy, why not run up Cowles? So, I ran up Cowles and it was so fantastic!
About the cleanse I am going to be lame and sell it a little more than I usually do in my personal posts but there is a reason for it... I Just love it, and to top it off I really want people to test it out for themselves. FYI, it's not a "diet", It's not the cure to end all fat, and it is not a way to starve. In fact, I do still calorie count and I haven't lowered my calories at all on the cleanse. I eat enough avocado, fruits, flax seed, and chick peas along with more veggies than I can imagine to level my calories and I get a lovely powder that gives me cleansing nutrients including protein and carbs. Just sayin I think you all should go to Zenenterprisesinc.com and check it out. Another reason why it makes me happy is because it makes my Abba (daddy) happy. He has been doing it with me and loosing weight. His goal is a little healthy weight loss and so far he has lost a lot and he is looking good and he is happy. That is truly why I am sold on the cleanse. Who wouldn't be sold on a cleanse that makes the ones they love happy?

Ok, enough about zen I know it is annoying I talk about it to much but what can I say it is pretty much what is keeping me sain at the moment. Not that I am not loving life. My brothers are doing good, My parents are doing good, and I am doing good. Life is near perfection. I was thinking about it all weekend because I was in this funk which started Friday. I know I started the funk because it was coming to the two year anniversery of my grandfathers passing but as the weekend went on I couldn't really figure it out. so I delve in deep and realized why and I realize I probably come to this on a weekly basis so forgive me for that. I will explain it differently though. This is my comment considering this popped into my head driving on the 805 it may sound a little bizarre: My life is like the perfect cherry cheese cake without that last little cherry that is used as a garnish. You know the one, that they put on there for looks, but also so when you finish the entire cheesecake you have that last thing to enjoy the last little pucker of bliss. Well that in my life is missing and I know it will be filled with a more fresh more delicious cherry when the season comes but for now the cherry I am missing is in Utah. I know lame as can be but I miss it. I would love to do a Spin class with Jen, I would love to go visit RLFH, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, to go to Kol Ami and see everyone there and share my joy and great life that I have here.  Just sayin it is going to take some time.

Anywho life is going great, My birthday is in  10 days and I really wanna do DLAND and eat some FISH or an Applebee's steak but I can live without a steak for a little bit. but I do wanna do DLAND especially since my card expires on the fourth which is a bummer. Luckily ICNIC (my mommy) comes in the second so that night we will all celebrate.

For now I gotta get back to school and work.

Till Next Time

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