Sunday, December 11, 2011

A vow to you....

Today was actually spectacular. Although I am stressing because i don't know if I will finish my homework on time it is still a fantastic day. Why is it a fantastic day you ask? I shall tell you... Today is a fantastic day because of two reasons. One is because I let myself hurt a tiny bet for the amazing granola at OPH! If you didn't know it yet I have a love for granola. I didn't start hurting though till after the second reason why it was a great day. Today was a great day because I ran 5 miles in an hour on the beach. I know it may not seem like a lot considering that I ran under a 7 minute mile in the last 5k but keep in mind a few things. 1. I was on the beach which slows anyone down. 2. this was a longer run which eventually my pace slowed down. and 3. I had more drive for the 5k. Running just to run is a lot different than running for a good cause that is important to me.
I am extremely proud of myself because I did what I set out to do which was run for over an hour straight no breaks, no looking at the watch and no mental games bringing me down. Next time it will be more time, FYI.
After the run I had the epiphany that I consistently have after I set and get to a goal of mine. The epiphany being that I can go farther! I can go to the magical goal that will be a completion to a chapter of my life. than I said to myself how can I keep it going this time around and is my goal reachable. I only answered the second half at first, which was DUH!!! Yes, yes it is reachable.  As I thought about the how It led to a big thought. The how consists in everyone in my life that has been there for me throughout this journey of mine.
Now I know some of you are reading this thinking "Nicole, It is all you. you are doing this because you are strong." This is true and i won't argue that I have grown to be strong physically and mentally. The test of my mental strength is like the 1RM bench press test. There is a limit to what I can do, but if I surpass that limit and the bar ends up on my chest I have a spotter than to help bring it back up so the next time I do the test I can improve a little bit. You all are my spotters in life.
This is the perfect transition to the title of this blog. My vow to you, To the people of real life who I have grown to respect and love, to the people of treehouse who have become great friends, to my friends and family, and to those who have just been my support system through this all. I vow the accomplishment of one great goal, a goal that a few of us, real lifers made and have yet to accomplish. I vow that in 2013 I will head to Disneyworld. I will head to Disneyworld not to ride Rock n Roller Coaster, I will not head there to sleep in the dream sweet (although that would be awesome), I will go there to not Run a 1/2 marathon. I will go there to do even better I will go to run the complete marathon. I vow that for the next year I will officially call myself a runner and train my a** off to get there and set small goals that will lead to DISNEYWORLD. I vow to you that I will be healthy, I will be ready and I will be willing to run my first marathon by the 2013 Disneyworld marathon.
I just ask of you this: please forgive me for the days of failures, forgive me for using you as a spotter if you choose not to be one, and if you wanna join let me know I could so use a running partner.
Now to make myself a to do list: 1 make small goals to achieve, find a trainer, don't kill myself on the way there, Remind myself Why I am doing this:I am doing this for my RLFH family, Treehouse friends, and for everyone else in my life and lastly for myself. To proove to myself that the stubbornness that I have gotten from my savta (grandmother) Leah can be used for greatness.
I think that somes up the awesomenss of the day. Now I just need to find a trainer. This will be done after homework.
Till Next Time

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