Saturday, December 17, 2011

Is it really for yourself?

I have been trying to understand why people are successful in weight loss and why others are not so successful.  For those of you who are trying to lose weight and are working with trainers or instructors or even just a friend probably get the same speech: "Do it for YOU!" You all know that one right?  I have gotten it a million and ten times and honestly every time someone said that to me I wanted to sock some sense into them. NEWS FLASH TO ALL: No one and I repeat no one does anything for themselves. even the selfish do selfish acts for selfless reasons. I am sure everyone has someone on the top of their head who they believe just acts selfishly. Let's take a look at selfish acts. How about a 16 year old Jewish Princess (FYI, I am a proud Jewish Princess, so yes I have the right to stereotype a little bit) who wants a BRAND NEW CAR!!! Here is what we think is going on in there heads: "I want it because I want to have a better car then everyone else." which may be true but think of the 10 million reasons why they want the better car. they want a better car because they want to be able to impress their friends, they want their friends to enjoy the car, They want to be able to not only make themselves look good but the people in that car look good and believe it or not some actually want a better car because it is just a safer car for their friends (that's why I wanted my baby). To get to the point. Why is this important to know when it comes to weight loss? simply said it is the same concept. No one succeed in weight loss when it is about them and no one enters the journey of weight loss for themselves.
I have heard so many stories and not one story started off with I came here for me or I know I am going to succeed for myself. If you do say that your not only lying to those you are talking to but you are lying to yourself (sorry to sound harsh, I want to wake some people up). Let's find out true reasons why people succeed in weight loss and healthy lifestyles. I won't pick out someone else's story but if you do wish to share please do so. I will tell you my story. Why do I, Nicole Recht strive to succeed, why do I want to cook healthy food, why do I want to run a marathon and why do I never ever ever ever ever want to see 268 lbs on the scale ever again? I started wanting it for the Navy (still considering FYI). I wanted it so bad that I went to Real Life Health and Fitness and in my opinion never really left. As I went through the psychotic mental changes, the anger that came from distant memories, the pain of feeling everything an addict feels when coming off an addiction and the temper tantrums (Sorry is in order for those, especially to Seth, if I recall you got the worst one), I realized that I needed to find a reason for it all, I need a purpose to continue on till I go to what I am going to call the endless Disney trip (yes I picture the after life as the greatest Disney resort). I went to Virginia which was great and realized that I would love to be in the NAVY and be a part of something so great. Then I realized that it wouldn't keep me going when I turn some godly old age and I have to retire. I want to be like the older men and women I met at RLFH who succeeded. I want to be like the HHH runners who do it for the love of running with and for others. So I went back to RLFH to figure out how I can do that and with all the support and all the comments ("your such an inspiration") I realized this is it. I am doing it for them. I am doing it for those who need an inspiring story. Have you all watched biggest loser and then find out what has happened to the contestants? most of them didn't maintain. It brings down hope that there will be change that will stick. I realized that with the others in the tiny little percentage that actually change their lives, I have to be a motivator, a sign of hope that people can have it stick. So, I continue on for my family who are hopefully going through the same changes I did (not as fast though), The RLFers that are struggling and for those I meet randomly who want to hear my story (which is usually because a certain mother has to brag).
I am hoping that out of me blabbing you get the picture. This blog is for you. I want to know why do you want to succeed. Let me rephrase that. I want you to know, I want you to find the true reason why you want to succeed. Ask yourself what that is and then that is when you can say "that is what I am doing for myself."  If you are a father/mother doing it for your kids? If you are an old fart who wants to spend a few extra years with their loved ones? If you are doing it to inspire others? All of those reasons are the reasons why losing weight, succeeding in life is successful.

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