Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

It's been a little rough this year but as my father and his father before him believe, there is always something to be thankful for. I have a great life with a great family and some pretty great friends all over the world. So as I celebrate thanksgiving the day before I go to Utah before I pack up my things I remember what I am thankful for. I am thankful for my family; for my little brother who with even a busy schedule and a bunch of friends still enjoys a night out with his lame big sister to See a great movie; For my older brother who has taught me more than he knows just by acting like a great older brother; and for my parents who have been there through everything even when I am slightly annoyed at life and taking it out on them; for my grandmother wanting to try to make me dinner (sorry grandma but already am bringing deliciousness to dinner tonight); and for the long list of fantastic cousins. If you don't know this I probably have the biggest family out there. each and every one of my cousins are special to me and for that I am thankful.
I am also thankful for my amazing friends that I have all over America and the world. Who can say that they have friends in South America, Israel, Europe, Canada and so forth. To be honest a couple years ago I couldn't even say I had many friends in San Diego. I can say that I am thankful for the small group of friends I do have here in SD and the immense amount of friends everywhere.
I am thankful for the new internship I have, where it hasn't even been that long and I am already learning way to much.  I am thankful for this amazing SD weather and the amazing snow I will hopefully see when I go back home to Utah. I am thankful for Kol Ami, a place I truly put my heart and soul in and I don't even think that came close to repaying them for all they have done for me.
I am thankful for the doctor and the real awesome nurse who has informed me that I will be eating plan boring foods for the rest of my life.
Most importantly I am thankful for my growth. Now this is where the question marks pop up into your head and some of you might even be thinking "really, that's a little selfish." that's what I am thinking but just here me out. I have been able to say a few things in my life I couldn't have a couple years ago. I would not have been able to tell you that my goal is to run the Disney Marathon, I could not have been able to make the decision to get an internship, and I would have never ever ever been able to say I bet I can make a mean breakfast for my family. I would be to lazy (of course I cook cause sleeping through the morning will never happen).
There is this one memory that has popped into my head; years ago Bucky was trying to get me to walk up Cowles Mountain. To be honest I hated it. Try having a friend try to get you to work out because your mother is a nag. (sorry ICNIC but you were one annoying mother at that age). I never made it up there. In fact I didn't make it up to cowles mountain till I think I was 17. Think about that 1.5 miles of a small hike up a little hill and I refused to walk up it. Now I can tell you that I can get up to the top and down in under an hour and enjoy doing it.
Last reason for my thankful growth is simply that ask me a couple years ago to pinpoint the positives in my life while just exhausted from pain I would have laughed. but seriously look back at the blog i have just written, go back to when I mentioned pain all those times in my blog and on facebook; I sound like one sick depressed person, and although I am a little bummed that I have to leave Utah and want to strangle anyone who says welcome back home I will say that I am still the happiest person out there and have the greatest life. That is why I am thankful for my growth.
To top it off I am thankful that my mother made e a small deal that includes her going to Disneyland with me :) DLAND TRIP after Utah!!!
So I ask of you all to be thankful for everything great in your life. and post your number one Thanks because I am a curious person.
FYI today is going to be great. Preparing for tonight, working, going for a walk, and spending my thanksgiving with family. I doubt this will top thanksgiving day shawarma in Israel but it will be up there.
Till Next Time

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