Tuesday, November 8, 2011

pumpkin peanut cookies to a rough day to meeting Miri.

ok last night I made some bomb cookies it consists of 3 cups of rolled oats, 10 Tbls of PB2 and 1 cup of pumpkin puree with stevia to taste. bake at 350 for approximatelly twenty minutes and YUMMNESS!!!
To today... it was rough, terrible, exhausting and really one of those days where I was just upset at myself. first I had an attack to the extent of stealing sleep from the parentals. SORRY!!! I woke them up around four. As I was reading Tami's status today lets just say I laughed a little because I felt the same way when I woke up my parents kicked out my mom out of her side woke up my dad got him to skooch a little so I can snuggle in between them :). I guess there are perks to being home but I do feel bad. about 30 minutes later I ended getting my parents to wrap me up in the most comfortable blanket we have, and tuck me into Danny's bed because my room was to cold for me. fun thing to do at four in the morning. One great thing to add is my mother asked if I turned up the heat this morning when I didn't I am assuming a certain father did so to keep me warm :). I am telling everyone I have the two greatest parents out there. No matter what they will do what they can to help me even if I ask them not to.
After a day of being to exhausted to have a fun time at costco and 99 cents store. I am feeling better but still so tired!It's one of those days when I look in the mirror and I smile at how awesome all of this change I have gone through has been but is it truly worth me waking up my parents, the chest pains, being so spaced out that I hit a family friends car, or just to exhausted to even be satisfied with the fact that even though I am so tired and feeling so bummed I still ended up doing some form of a workout. it wasn't a bootcamp style workout like intended it was more like try to do as many push ups as you can before closing your eyes in sleep but it still did the job for the day.
typing all of that I know it is worth it but I just don't like these days where I screw up all because I am too exhausted to do anything right during the day.
Things will get better... to brag a little I get to have dinner with Miri Mesika!! :) I know most of you don't know who she is but she is a huge singing star in Israel and I am oh so stoked! The dinner will be filled with a bunch of people my mother doesn't even know that well but I feel like it will be worth it. at least I hope it will be.
FYI 4 more days till the Alzheimer's walk/run. Please donate at alz.org. not going up to SLC area yet which is an epic bummer but hopefully that will occur after I get tests done.

gotta go get ready for MIRI MESIKA!!! only an hour and half left. :)
Till Next Time

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