Sunday, October 9, 2011

Today was good! A great start to the new year!! I started with yoga which I was amazing! I really like that class! the instructor is great and it really does make me feel a little better. afterwards I studied a little. To those who are in any sort of counseling; whether you are a psychologist, therapist, nutritionist, health coach, whatever you call yourself please tell me how you can't step over the line between professional and personal. Reading about counseling and it is blowing me away. learning about theories and techniques that are actually pretty awesome!
Totally about to forget to tell you about The Simply Bar! new favorite bar. I just got them last night and decided to attempt the lemon flavor. I know lemon flavored protein bar weird but it was so YUMMY! FYI Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! and Columbus day tomorrow!
After studying I went to see Ides of March with Brad. We did crab shack first which will never be done again the only reason why we did it was cause I was forgetful about the fact that every other restaurant over there is closed sundays and didn't have time to go anywhere else. but it was worth talking sports with Brad. As for Ides of March; acting was great the story line was good and the ending deserves a little israeli so so hand motion. overall it was a good movie. 
Right now I am about to study some more. possibly clean a little then sleep. before I do though I need to comment on my early morning text about not going to St. George this week. I am gonna go sometime this month but I am not sure when it is a matter of when I clean up the apt and go to SD. Ya, thats right after being sick on days with grossness in the air (not the snow, the air) it was terrible and honestly realized that I am more mad about moving back because people are pushing for me to come back. that pisses me off the most. honestly how about someone find a reason for me to stay. I listen to my parents to my grandma to everyone saying you have to come home back to SD and though that was my intent in the long run I didn't want it to be this soon. To top everything else Yom Kippur gave me a lot of different perspectives on the who situation. I really don't want life without without my friends here in Utah but then again friends always come and go (right?) but family is always there so why not make it easy for them to be there by moving back. I just hope I still keep in contact with everyone after this goes down. 
FYI quote for the day "Nothing is impossible except for impossibility." said by Phineas of Phineas and Ferb. Yes I LOVE that show and sure proud of it!! 
Till Next Time 

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