Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One proud big sis!

Today was interesting. truthfully the actual day was the same as always; gym, BNB, and home to clean a little. I know it's not exactly blog material but While having my daily routine a phone call changed when I am going back to SD.
Yesterday I was talking to my daddy about him taking Adam (little brother) to colleges. they were gonna do a college visiting trip to Oberlin and Brandeis so my smart little brother can decide where to apply early admissions (and I am totally writing this just to brag about him).  I am hoping he chooses Brandeis not gonna lie but I think he wants Oberlin so far. If I am wrong I am very sorry, Adam. Honestly would be happy with either and would be happy even if he ends up going to a completely different college. He has always made me a proud big sister. To continue on with the actual OMG can't wait part of this.... I told my dad if he didn't want to go I guess I could do it for him :)!! After he talked to the ICNIC and ADAM I get to take his place :)!!!! YA I am spending less than a day in Oberlin, Ohio then a couple days in Waltham, Massachusetts. Anyone one know of good healthy places to eat in either and any fun activities in MA? I am so stocked! I can't believe my little brother is going to be in college next year. As a sister watching him grow up has been like a fantastic movie. You know the type of movie you are sitting in, on the end of the seat hoping it never ends, wondering what is going to happen next and feeling up lifted because something Amazingly perfect occurs to the lovable character in the story. Usually it's after a struggle but for Adam it's just hard work and perseverance. Really can't wait for this trip! totally wish it were a family trip but I am so ok with it being just me and Adam Last time we did a just me and Adam trip was his birthday in Disneyworld. it has been way to long.
Since today has been a little rough health wise the phone call had me thinking a lot about when to move to SD. honestly the weather is going to get worse,  and I really do want to be able to make these pumpkin/oat "cupcakes" for the family! they are so YUMMY!!! anyways I figured the plan out... drive down to St. George sunday after class, stay till tuesday morning and drive to SD, then fly to ohio on Wednesday, thursday will be an oberlin tour and a fly to Massachusetts for a couple days touring brandeis then back down to SD for a while.
FYI if anyone needs some stuff I have a lot of things not going to bring down to SD so let me know. Now I just have to tell everyone at Kol Ami :(. Dear rabbi thank you for everything but totally bailing on you and the congregation so I can have my ICNIC around when I am sick. could you imagine if I actually said it exactly like that? Getting to know her I would say she would either laugh or give some wise speech about it. FYI her Yom Kippur sermons both the night sermon and day sermon were fabulous.
I would tell people at Treehouse and I will tell them but some of you read my blog so I don't really think I have to.
Which leads me to say if any of you want to do something before this Sunday comes let me know I am so down to just do stuff with friends and not think about life.
Till Next Time

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