Sunday, October 2, 2011

my odd experiments

So for those of you who haven't realized this, my meals aren't completely normal in the eyes of most people. I have made a turkey sausage sweat potato hash, banana oat pancake, and some pretty crazy salad dressings. but today I have to say was weird even for me. don't get me wrong it was still pretty darn delicious so I do recommend to pass the fear of weirdness. let me start with the fact that I woke up this morning not having much in the kitchen. I have been gone for the week so why would I have food in the kitchen. So as I am looking around I find (aside from seasonings) frozen bananas, oats, protein powder, and fish (cod to be exact. ya I bet a normal person would just think protein shake or pancakes or something like that right? I am a little different. I thought "you know, I think I am craving fish." ya thats right I went for the fish. FYI all of this started last night. the fish I was going to do for dinner or lunch so I defrosted it last night. no joke I was staring at the fish thinking what crazy thing can I do to make eating cod for breakfast at least ok. I will tell you right now it was more than ok it ended up being so yummy. I generously covered the fish with a dry rub of a whole lot of cinnamon a good amount of Mrs. Dash (the southwest chipotle flavor), a bit of ginger and a boat load of stevia and then put that baby on a scorching pan. with the banana and oats I made probably the best pancake I have ever made. and I left the powder out of it all. I know it sounds weird and it gets a little more weird. I needed a sauce. mustard, tomato puree and stevia. it actually wasn't that bad. it works really well with the pancake and pretty good with the fish.
I know I am weird and I should have just gone out to eat or something but it was delicious. I was shocked as to how it succeeded, so shocked that I actually mentioned in my class today.
We were talking about how pleased g-d was when he was creating the earth that he actually did a double take Wow move. you know the one. you finish a homework assignment or cook something shockingly great that you even surprise yourself that you have to do the wow, WOW double take. I had to mention that I felt the same way this morning for the weird concoction that I made. FYI for those of you who know about my crazy meals no that they usually aren't to bad so please give it a try. the pancake is simply blended up frozen banana and oats with water (you can add milk). and for the fish just use a somewhat light white fish.
The rest of the day was my shopping for groceries day for the obvious reasons. went to Sunflower and Costco.
before class I attempted a run fyi. it was an epic fail! not cause I am sick in fact I feel pretty great today aside from the chest pains which I have a feeling will never go away. No it was because I totally forgot about the whole high altitude BS here in SLC area. I went straight for the run and started getting woozy. had to cool it down about half way through it. but it was still a pretty nice run/walk. to top it off grocery shopping for me is always a workout. think about it. your running around stores looking for the food on your list, then I got to carry the stuff to my car. at home the hard part begins. I have to make 3-4 trips everytime I shop and I am on the third and last for in my apartment complex. now add 4-5 bags each trip, a box or to filled from costco and you have an awesome workout.
I don't know if I forgot anything about today but I will say that it was one great day and now I am going to study for nutrition before I have to study for classes tomorrow.

Till Next Time

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