Monday, October 24, 2011

First official day back in SD!

Today is my first official day back in SD and well I don't know what to think.
To explain what I did today: I woke up and did my morning cooking routine which was amazing. FYI I made this amazing uber HEALTHY CAKE!! after cooking I went for my first training run. I got to two miles of a run up until my chest started hurting which hopefully will dissipate as my health gets better. After the run I went grocery shopping where a lot was in my mind. I went to VineRipe first. I forgot how amazing that place is. it isn't every grocery store you see a truck everyday constantly bringing in new produce. that place truly has the best and cheapest produce. While there I overheard the new management talking about what to add and what to get rid of. in some areas he wants to get rid of organic and add more kosher. FYI I am a believer that kosher is more healthy than organic due to the fact that organic isn't really organic anymore and there are so many regulations for kosher food that there is no question kosher food is clean food. After VineRipe I went all the way to whole foods in Hillcrest. As much as I do love getting the simply bars and soon will be ordering more I do realize I should try to find something local. Which brings me to a few thoughts. ONe is I miss all my Canadian friends and well all my RLFH family. I also miss Utah oh so much and Kol Ami which I feel like I just abandoned them which I know may seem ridiculous but the only person who knows I am not going to be there is Tyler so I do feel a little bad about that. Second thought was that I was wondering if I could bring simplybar to SD maybe a little email to the company is in order.
Off topic but for those of you who know what N.B.T. on disney channel is there is this singer from SLC :) it put a small smile on my face. she isn't to bad either.
Back to topic: which is being in whole foods thinking about protein bars. FYI I am exploring all sorts of snacks not just protein bars. going gluten free is also harder in SD. not many options like sunflower has but I think I did a pretty good job trying to find things. After grocery shopping did homework in the garage/office. I really do need to find somewhere to do my homework. A new coffee shop is in order in SD. Anyone know of a place with free wifi and great coffee? I miss BNB! great coffee, Free Wifi and great people. Just like all of Utah.
Speaking of awesome people I miss Bekka. I am in SD and I haven't been able to see my best friend yet or my little chilipepper. I have been getting a bunch of pics but I am starting to get a little jealous that my phone gets more chili time then I do. I was supposed to do breakfast with her before I left to Ohio but traffic and being sick and having a small emotional break down lead me to stopping in La Jolla and saying hopefully when I get back. I was supposed to see her last night but had to much homework do, than this morning her boss called her in early. WTF!!! The universe has spoken! Bekka and Chili time not allowed for me :( hopefully tomorrow mornings breakfast plans will workout.
Which leads me to friends. I need to call some up. I believe a certain friend requested to be my wing person for a night! I will facebook you FYI!! oh by the way really enjoyed that little surprise in Vegas. little did I know I would be bumping into friends in the most random restaurant in Vegas. more people to call and to little time to do it plus I don't even know who to start with.
honestly craving Phil's BBQ so I have two people in mind. Phone calls away starting hopefully tomorrow.
What else about today.... Nothing yet but that might change. will keep you posted.
As for Adam and Colleges Brandeis and Oberlin are not his top picks no more thanks to an unexpected trip to the near perfect Tufts which means I am asking everyone to pray to G-d or whoever/whatever you believe in for Adam although he is smart he can get in.
On to Dinner...
Till Next Time

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