Friday, October 7, 2011

finished the week early in time for Yom Kippur :)

So first thing I did this morning was this really awesome kickboxing class via comcast. Only cool thing about comcast in my opinion. the woman they had teaching it was uber buff. especially in the upper arms. in fact it was to much in the upper arms. she couldn't do a proper jab because of her ridiculously muscular arms. but luckily due to a certain trainer from treehouse (hint, hint) I will have the basics of a jab in my head for the rest of my life especially the fact that you are supposed to have contact with your two MIDDLE fingers :)! I have been dying to do a run but to be honest I haven't felt good all week long. I think the weather really has gotten to me.
second thing of the day was this awesome video that got sent to me by my cousin Joe. I think I have mentioned planet W before. he sent me this video of him presenting planet W and no joke at the end you could see a standing ovation get started :) FYI everyone should go to and watch the videos.
Third item of the day: SCHOOL!!! I honestly can't wait till its over. On a good note I woke up thinking I was behind but have been sitting in BNB working my butt off and I actually have finished everything due this week. now i have about 40 minutes till I am going to go to Sage's cafe for a delicious nut burger, gluten free, vegan!!! FOOD THAT DOESN'T ADD TO TUMMY ISSUES. I can't wait to meet with this allergist. the only open time is one the seventeenth of this month but to be honest I have no idea if I can last with this climate, weather change going on. I have been trying to tell myself that I am just imagining it and that I am actually getting better but after last night (after the movie) I woke up in oh so much pain! I am ok now and really just extremely exhausted but I don't think I can lie to myself anymore. Dear Utah and Snow, I love you I really do but why don't you love me back? 
Now on to Yom Kippur because I am so not going to right my blog about Yom Kippur on Yom kippur I will do it now. So basically day of forgiveness. So I have to say I am sorry to my family for putting them through all of this sickness BS. I am sorry to Utah for whatever I have done for it to hate me so much and I am sorry that I am a little gossip obsessed. What I want to change this year, I want to be healthy I want to be able to really stay in one place for more than a few months and some other things that I will hold to myself at the moment.
Lastly for fasting: I have been debating on it and only because of what Lucy mentioned to me about it being a sin while on meds but I figured for a day off the meds which honestly if I do eat I feel tons better and don't really need the meds but I always listen to my grandparents and although she is not my grandmother by blood she is my grandma in my heart. So I feel terrible not listening to her but. ever since I was 12 I have fasted and its not that I do it because I am told to. there is truly something about taking a day off of food, clothes, life, everything except for the relationship you have with Hashem, your family and your friends. So the first apology I have to make this year is to Lucy. I am really sorry for not listening to you, but I will be careful. I have a stash of emergency food prepared if need be and water of course. So I am ready for forgiveness.
gotta go get ready
Till Next Time

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