Monday, October 24, 2011

First official day back in SD!

Today is my first official day back in SD and well I don't know what to think.
To explain what I did today: I woke up and did my morning cooking routine which was amazing. FYI I made this amazing uber HEALTHY CAKE!! after cooking I went for my first training run. I got to two miles of a run up until my chest started hurting which hopefully will dissipate as my health gets better. After the run I went grocery shopping where a lot was in my mind. I went to VineRipe first. I forgot how amazing that place is. it isn't every grocery store you see a truck everyday constantly bringing in new produce. that place truly has the best and cheapest produce. While there I overheard the new management talking about what to add and what to get rid of. in some areas he wants to get rid of organic and add more kosher. FYI I am a believer that kosher is more healthy than organic due to the fact that organic isn't really organic anymore and there are so many regulations for kosher food that there is no question kosher food is clean food. After VineRipe I went all the way to whole foods in Hillcrest. As much as I do love getting the simply bars and soon will be ordering more I do realize I should try to find something local. Which brings me to a few thoughts. ONe is I miss all my Canadian friends and well all my RLFH family. I also miss Utah oh so much and Kol Ami which I feel like I just abandoned them which I know may seem ridiculous but the only person who knows I am not going to be there is Tyler so I do feel a little bad about that. Second thought was that I was wondering if I could bring simplybar to SD maybe a little email to the company is in order.
Off topic but for those of you who know what N.B.T. on disney channel is there is this singer from SLC :) it put a small smile on my face. she isn't to bad either.
Back to topic: which is being in whole foods thinking about protein bars. FYI I am exploring all sorts of snacks not just protein bars. going gluten free is also harder in SD. not many options like sunflower has but I think I did a pretty good job trying to find things. After grocery shopping did homework in the garage/office. I really do need to find somewhere to do my homework. A new coffee shop is in order in SD. Anyone know of a place with free wifi and great coffee? I miss BNB! great coffee, Free Wifi and great people. Just like all of Utah.
Speaking of awesome people I miss Bekka. I am in SD and I haven't been able to see my best friend yet or my little chilipepper. I have been getting a bunch of pics but I am starting to get a little jealous that my phone gets more chili time then I do. I was supposed to do breakfast with her before I left to Ohio but traffic and being sick and having a small emotional break down lead me to stopping in La Jolla and saying hopefully when I get back. I was supposed to see her last night but had to much homework do, than this morning her boss called her in early. WTF!!! The universe has spoken! Bekka and Chili time not allowed for me :( hopefully tomorrow mornings breakfast plans will workout.
Which leads me to friends. I need to call some up. I believe a certain friend requested to be my wing person for a night! I will facebook you FYI!! oh by the way really enjoyed that little surprise in Vegas. little did I know I would be bumping into friends in the most random restaurant in Vegas. more people to call and to little time to do it plus I don't even know who to start with.
honestly craving Phil's BBQ so I have two people in mind. Phone calls away starting hopefully tomorrow.
What else about today.... Nothing yet but that might change. will keep you posted.
As for Adam and Colleges Brandeis and Oberlin are not his top picks no more thanks to an unexpected trip to the near perfect Tufts which means I am asking everyone to pray to G-d or whoever/whatever you believe in for Adam although he is smart he can get in.
On to Dinner...
Till Next Time

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One proud big sis!

Today was interesting. truthfully the actual day was the same as always; gym, BNB, and home to clean a little. I know it's not exactly blog material but While having my daily routine a phone call changed when I am going back to SD.
Yesterday I was talking to my daddy about him taking Adam (little brother) to colleges. they were gonna do a college visiting trip to Oberlin and Brandeis so my smart little brother can decide where to apply early admissions (and I am totally writing this just to brag about him).  I am hoping he chooses Brandeis not gonna lie but I think he wants Oberlin so far. If I am wrong I am very sorry, Adam. Honestly would be happy with either and would be happy even if he ends up going to a completely different college. He has always made me a proud big sister. To continue on with the actual OMG can't wait part of this.... I told my dad if he didn't want to go I guess I could do it for him :)!! After he talked to the ICNIC and ADAM I get to take his place :)!!!! YA I am spending less than a day in Oberlin, Ohio then a couple days in Waltham, Massachusetts. Anyone one know of good healthy places to eat in either and any fun activities in MA? I am so stocked! I can't believe my little brother is going to be in college next year. As a sister watching him grow up has been like a fantastic movie. You know the type of movie you are sitting in, on the end of the seat hoping it never ends, wondering what is going to happen next and feeling up lifted because something Amazingly perfect occurs to the lovable character in the story. Usually it's after a struggle but for Adam it's just hard work and perseverance. Really can't wait for this trip! totally wish it were a family trip but I am so ok with it being just me and Adam Last time we did a just me and Adam trip was his birthday in Disneyworld. it has been way to long.
Since today has been a little rough health wise the phone call had me thinking a lot about when to move to SD. honestly the weather is going to get worse,  and I really do want to be able to make these pumpkin/oat "cupcakes" for the family! they are so YUMMY!!! anyways I figured the plan out... drive down to St. George sunday after class, stay till tuesday morning and drive to SD, then fly to ohio on Wednesday, thursday will be an oberlin tour and a fly to Massachusetts for a couple days touring brandeis then back down to SD for a while.
FYI if anyone needs some stuff I have a lot of things not going to bring down to SD so let me know. Now I just have to tell everyone at Kol Ami :(. Dear rabbi thank you for everything but totally bailing on you and the congregation so I can have my ICNIC around when I am sick. could you imagine if I actually said it exactly like that? Getting to know her I would say she would either laugh or give some wise speech about it. FYI her Yom Kippur sermons both the night sermon and day sermon were fabulous.
I would tell people at Treehouse and I will tell them but some of you read my blog so I don't really think I have to.
Which leads me to say if any of you want to do something before this Sunday comes let me know I am so down to just do stuff with friends and not think about life.
Till Next Time

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Today was good! A great start to the new year!! I started with yoga which I was amazing! I really like that class! the instructor is great and it really does make me feel a little better. afterwards I studied a little. To those who are in any sort of counseling; whether you are a psychologist, therapist, nutritionist, health coach, whatever you call yourself please tell me how you can't step over the line between professional and personal. Reading about counseling and it is blowing me away. learning about theories and techniques that are actually pretty awesome!
Totally about to forget to tell you about The Simply Bar! new favorite bar. I just got them last night and decided to attempt the lemon flavor. I know lemon flavored protein bar weird but it was so YUMMY! FYI Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! and Columbus day tomorrow!
After studying I went to see Ides of March with Brad. We did crab shack first which will never be done again the only reason why we did it was cause I was forgetful about the fact that every other restaurant over there is closed sundays and didn't have time to go anywhere else. but it was worth talking sports with Brad. As for Ides of March; acting was great the story line was good and the ending deserves a little israeli so so hand motion. overall it was a good movie. 
Right now I am about to study some more. possibly clean a little then sleep. before I do though I need to comment on my early morning text about not going to St. George this week. I am gonna go sometime this month but I am not sure when it is a matter of when I clean up the apt and go to SD. Ya, thats right after being sick on days with grossness in the air (not the snow, the air) it was terrible and honestly realized that I am more mad about moving back because people are pushing for me to come back. that pisses me off the most. honestly how about someone find a reason for me to stay. I listen to my parents to my grandma to everyone saying you have to come home back to SD and though that was my intent in the long run I didn't want it to be this soon. To top everything else Yom Kippur gave me a lot of different perspectives on the who situation. I really don't want life without without my friends here in Utah but then again friends always come and go (right?) but family is always there so why not make it easy for them to be there by moving back. I just hope I still keep in contact with everyone after this goes down. 
FYI quote for the day "Nothing is impossible except for impossibility." said by Phineas of Phineas and Ferb. Yes I LOVE that show and sure proud of it!! 
Till Next Time 

Friday, October 7, 2011

finished the week early in time for Yom Kippur :)

So first thing I did this morning was this really awesome kickboxing class via comcast. Only cool thing about comcast in my opinion. the woman they had teaching it was uber buff. especially in the upper arms. in fact it was to much in the upper arms. she couldn't do a proper jab because of her ridiculously muscular arms. but luckily due to a certain trainer from treehouse (hint, hint) I will have the basics of a jab in my head for the rest of my life especially the fact that you are supposed to have contact with your two MIDDLE fingers :)! I have been dying to do a run but to be honest I haven't felt good all week long. I think the weather really has gotten to me.
second thing of the day was this awesome video that got sent to me by my cousin Joe. I think I have mentioned planet W before. he sent me this video of him presenting planet W and no joke at the end you could see a standing ovation get started :) FYI everyone should go to and watch the videos.
Third item of the day: SCHOOL!!! I honestly can't wait till its over. On a good note I woke up thinking I was behind but have been sitting in BNB working my butt off and I actually have finished everything due this week. now i have about 40 minutes till I am going to go to Sage's cafe for a delicious nut burger, gluten free, vegan!!! FOOD THAT DOESN'T ADD TO TUMMY ISSUES. I can't wait to meet with this allergist. the only open time is one the seventeenth of this month but to be honest I have no idea if I can last with this climate, weather change going on. I have been trying to tell myself that I am just imagining it and that I am actually getting better but after last night (after the movie) I woke up in oh so much pain! I am ok now and really just extremely exhausted but I don't think I can lie to myself anymore. Dear Utah and Snow, I love you I really do but why don't you love me back? 
Now on to Yom Kippur because I am so not going to right my blog about Yom Kippur on Yom kippur I will do it now. So basically day of forgiveness. So I have to say I am sorry to my family for putting them through all of this sickness BS. I am sorry to Utah for whatever I have done for it to hate me so much and I am sorry that I am a little gossip obsessed. What I want to change this year, I want to be healthy I want to be able to really stay in one place for more than a few months and some other things that I will hold to myself at the moment.
Lastly for fasting: I have been debating on it and only because of what Lucy mentioned to me about it being a sin while on meds but I figured for a day off the meds which honestly if I do eat I feel tons better and don't really need the meds but I always listen to my grandparents and although she is not my grandmother by blood she is my grandma in my heart. So I feel terrible not listening to her but. ever since I was 12 I have fasted and its not that I do it because I am told to. there is truly something about taking a day off of food, clothes, life, everything except for the relationship you have with Hashem, your family and your friends. So the first apology I have to make this year is to Lucy. I am really sorry for not listening to you, but I will be careful. I have a stash of emergency food prepared if need be and water of course. So I am ready for forgiveness.
gotta go get ready
Till Next Time

Sunday, October 2, 2011

my odd experiments

So for those of you who haven't realized this, my meals aren't completely normal in the eyes of most people. I have made a turkey sausage sweat potato hash, banana oat pancake, and some pretty crazy salad dressings. but today I have to say was weird even for me. don't get me wrong it was still pretty darn delicious so I do recommend to pass the fear of weirdness. let me start with the fact that I woke up this morning not having much in the kitchen. I have been gone for the week so why would I have food in the kitchen. So as I am looking around I find (aside from seasonings) frozen bananas, oats, protein powder, and fish (cod to be exact. ya I bet a normal person would just think protein shake or pancakes or something like that right? I am a little different. I thought "you know, I think I am craving fish." ya thats right I went for the fish. FYI all of this started last night. the fish I was going to do for dinner or lunch so I defrosted it last night. no joke I was staring at the fish thinking what crazy thing can I do to make eating cod for breakfast at least ok. I will tell you right now it was more than ok it ended up being so yummy. I generously covered the fish with a dry rub of a whole lot of cinnamon a good amount of Mrs. Dash (the southwest chipotle flavor), a bit of ginger and a boat load of stevia and then put that baby on a scorching pan. with the banana and oats I made probably the best pancake I have ever made. and I left the powder out of it all. I know it sounds weird and it gets a little more weird. I needed a sauce. mustard, tomato puree and stevia. it actually wasn't that bad. it works really well with the pancake and pretty good with the fish.
I know I am weird and I should have just gone out to eat or something but it was delicious. I was shocked as to how it succeeded, so shocked that I actually mentioned in my class today.
We were talking about how pleased g-d was when he was creating the earth that he actually did a double take Wow move. you know the one. you finish a homework assignment or cook something shockingly great that you even surprise yourself that you have to do the wow, WOW double take. I had to mention that I felt the same way this morning for the weird concoction that I made. FYI for those of you who know about my crazy meals no that they usually aren't to bad so please give it a try. the pancake is simply blended up frozen banana and oats with water (you can add milk). and for the fish just use a somewhat light white fish.
The rest of the day was my shopping for groceries day for the obvious reasons. went to Sunflower and Costco.
before class I attempted a run fyi. it was an epic fail! not cause I am sick in fact I feel pretty great today aside from the chest pains which I have a feeling will never go away. No it was because I totally forgot about the whole high altitude BS here in SLC area. I went straight for the run and started getting woozy. had to cool it down about half way through it. but it was still a pretty nice run/walk. to top it off grocery shopping for me is always a workout. think about it. your running around stores looking for the food on your list, then I got to carry the stuff to my car. at home the hard part begins. I have to make 3-4 trips everytime I shop and I am on the third and last for in my apartment complex. now add 4-5 bags each trip, a box or to filled from costco and you have an awesome workout.
I don't know if I forgot anything about today but I will say that it was one great day and now I am going to study for nutrition before I have to study for classes tomorrow.

Till Next Time