Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend of sadness and joy!

This weekend is an interesting one historically for the country and for myself personally. First off today is the Birthday of my grandfather. s after doing some homework I went with my family to the cemetery to wish him a happy birthday. For those of you who have been reading my blog from the start may recall a blog about me not being honest with him about me wanting to be able to know who I am as a person. A couple weeks ago I wrote a letter to him for today. explaining exactly who I am. and wishing him a happy birthday. So today along with my amazing family I went to the cemetery. In my hand  I have this letter folded up so no one else can read it (fyi would like it to stay that way) and a rock that I got forever ago on my first hike in Utah. whats amazing to me was the number of rocks on his stone. For those of you who have a ? above your head wondering why a rock? It's a Jewish tradition, flowers die down but rocks live on forever like the heart and soul of a person no matter where they go they last forever in our hearts. My grandfather was loved by many and that makes me a proud granddaughter and a thankful granddaughter. the short period of time I got to know my true grandfather before he became sick was amazing. I couldn't ask for a better gradngather.
I do have to talk about one other person in my life that unfortunately passed away a while ago and I have mentioned him before, Grandpa David!!! As I was putting down the letter and rock on my grandpa's stone and wishing him a happy birthday I get a glimpse of another stone, Grampa dave taught me basketball and would make me smile anytime I would see him. It is amazing the feeling you get when you walk  into someones home or even just see a person out in the world and you see their pride in you. that is what Grandpa Dave was like. at dinner last night I got the greatest comment ever! I told gramma lucy that I ran a 5k and the first thing she said was Dave would be so proud. She doesn't know this but that seriously just made everything that has happened this past year and a half worth it. all the hard work, all the sickness, the weight loss, the days when I just want to scream because I am stressed over school,  everything was worth it! I know that grampa Joe and grampa Dave are proud of everything I have done this year. I miss them both oh so much.
Now for the rest of the day I decided I needed to have a happy day so I went to sushi at Banbu with Adam which was delicious and a movie, The Help which is by far the most uplifting movie I have ever seen. you know Its a good movie when mid move most of the people watching are clapping. Tonight I am going to go spend time with bekka and see another movie.
Tomorrow will be well 9/11 and yes we should all remember that and take that moment of silence to remind ourselves of that day, but also remember that tomorrow is also a celebration for those who have great grandparents. Tomorrow is also Grandparents Day!! I know I have and have had great grandparents so I am not going to be mourning for long tomorrow. I will be celebrating my grandparents. 
FYI I am missing Utah!
Till Next Time

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