Wednesday, September 14, 2011

two days of driving

I have to tell you about the past two days. they were days filled with driving and  just downright bad luck while doing so.
I started driving yesterday around six after making breakfast for the family I hope you guys enjoyed it. forgot to get onto the 15 so I had to take the 805 decided to stay on it for a while. In LA I nearly got into a horrible accident. some guy three cars down decided to break check everyone behind him. I ended up swerving so bad I was on the side of the freeway facing the wrong way. Thank You A**WHOLE! lucky no one got hurt and I was able to pull a uturn and get back on track quickly. After that nothing epic until vegas! in between I kind of knew I wasn't feeling well so rather then do the full treck all the way to SLC I texted Steff asked her to crash on the couch. Thanks STEFF!!! before I got to St. George I stopped in Vegas for lunch which I will admit was delicious went to that restaurant in the palazzo again. This time around I got the portabella sandwich. the most amazing sandwich I have ever had! After kunch I had a few minutes so I decided to play one game. wheel of fortune. I won 60 bucks :). my luck changed right after. As I was grabbing the ticket to take it to the cashier I got really sick and ran to the bathroom completely forgetting about my cell phone. I left it at the game and when I came back it was gone. I spent way to long trying to find that phone which was never found :(!!! so I am phoneless at the moment. to top it off I really wasn't feeling well. I decided to just leave and figure things out when I got to St. George. as I continued driving I don't really understand why but I had the worst pain. it was so brutal that once I exited the freeway being 2 minutes away from real life I turned into the denny's parking lot and just fell to the floor. weirdest thing is that after 5 minutes of me trying to get someone's attention in denny's it just stopped. so I just decided to continue my drive. Got to RLFH and everything was alright after that. went to this amazing sushi place with Steff, Colton, and Thomas. seriously that was the best sashimi platter I have ever had. that was pretty much yesterdays crazy day. Today wasn't as crazy. I did bootcamp with RLFH. it was leg day today and for those of you who are having dreaded flashbacks right now it hasn't changed. those donkey kicks still hurt in the best way. I crawled to my car after that so I can get to Verizon. Turns out some guy in vegas called up bekka asking for money for the phone WTF!!!!! My daddy being as awesome as he is stopped service to my phone and got a new one being sent to me thanks to insurance!! which means new phone coming soon! after that fabulous news I went to my favorite breakfast place to get my favorite granola muesli. I also brought my homework to do for a few minutes. left around 12 and headed home to good old South Jordan. not gonna lie though this entire day has been feeling pretty painful but I really don't get why so I won't get into those details. time for bed so...

Till Next Time

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