Saturday, September 24, 2011

the things I say when I am in pain.

Today was actually pretty great.! I woke up to a beautiful crisp morning so I decided that a run must be done. it took me a little over an hour to run 6 miles. which means I got to attempt a ten k soon. after the lovely run I went to services. I really love Kol Ami. It feels like home when I am there. I can't wait to go back tomorrow to teach some people Hebrew. I promised Tyler that after services I would take him out to lunch for a belated birthday lunch. We went to Sage's Cafe. for those of you who are in Utah why haven't you told me about this GEM! it was amazingly delicious! I got portabello mushroom tacos. here is where the day gets a little interesting... I asked for gluten free and they accidently put on this mock cheese that isn't gluten free. the waitress actually warned me and wanted to take it back for me but I told her it wasn't a big deal. which it really wasn't and that cheese made the tacos that much more yummy. An hour later though it wasn't really worth it and I should have had her bring it back. I really do think my issues are some how food related because I ended up at BNB on the bathroom floor in pain. called the ICNIC cause well anytime I have an attack like that I need her. went outside and spent about 30 minutes in pain. of course it was the typical conversation with her while this is going on.... "you want me to come?" NO, "You want to come home" NO! I just need you on the phone. however I think I made it official that I am going back to SD a little sooner than I planned after I said I need to come home for good. for some reason that is the first thing in my mind when I can't breath. Its not I should go to the hospital or maybe I should get someone to help, its I want my ICNIC and I want to be home. looking at it now it just seems childish. To be honest I don't really care. I love Utah and what I have in Utah but family right now would be nice. People assume that it's about having company there when stuff like this happens, which don't get me wrong is nice but even after becoming friends with the people who work at BNB I really didn't want them to know what was going on I just wanted family. It's weird I have spent forever thinking I didn't care about having my family there and that a phone call would work but this year I have learned otherwise. so one year I learn to be happy with who I am and to keep myself strong and healthy so I can stay happy. the next year I learn that I want to be a nutritionist/trainer and that I really would prefer being In SD with the family. if only I can bring my friends from Utah and Kol Ami to SD and life will be perfect.
After the whole situation I continued on working on the lesson plan for tomorrow's class which I am really stocked about. I love that class! I have already learned a whole lot in that class and I have only taught one session. maybe I will finish off the few weeks of classes and then go home?
Right at this moment I am continuing the lesson plan soon I will go into the kitchen and do the dishes and then to bed a little early.
Till Next Time

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