Sunday, August 21, 2011

a wedding reception and a fun read.

The start of my day is fantastic! It started off with the most delicious breakfast a yummy dairy free egg free banana oat pancake (half medium frozen banana, 1/3 cup oats, stevia, and 3/4 TB balsamic, 1/2 cup of water or till texture is fit for a pancake), with turkey bacon! YUM!! then a tough well needed yoga class. I love that class! the instructor is great and it is a great way to workout and regain energy for the rest of the week. after yoga, I read about drinking in nutrition! what I have learned so far is that there are two types of water to look for (hard and soft, hard being the better choice), orange juice is great for you, there is really no accurate research stating that caffeine is bad for you unless you have more than three servings of it, energy drinks are terrible and don't really give you what they say they do, vitamin water won't give you any vitamins, sports drinks (the right ones for the right amount of energy output is good for you, and the best non water drink to have is freshly squeezed orange juice. I also learned a little about alcohol and will learn a whole lot more about it tomorrow hopefully. I only got to read for a little bit because I went to a wedding reception for the rabbi. That was fun, schmoozed with everyone I could and now after a fun conversation with the greatest man in my life, My daddy! I am going to go to bed so I can be ready for tomorrow which will be just as awesome! FYI I have been talking to a few people about the big decision I need to make for my health and I will say there is no right answer and hearing my dad say he doesn't know felt great because everyone else needed to give there two cents and honestly just needed to here someone say I don't know.
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