Thursday, August 4, 2011

My day of failing

Today was a day of workout failures! I woke up really wanting to go for a swim so I got into the pool and just went for it. I haven't been swimming in a while and to top it off I am just getting back from yesterdays slump of feeling sick so swimming ended up a failure. I got 11 out of 20 laps I intended to do and they were totally half fast and I just couldn't breath most of the time so after 11 laps I decided that was enough got out and went on to beans and brew after a shower to do school work which I have been having troubles with the help desk so now my grade in Human Anatomy has dropped drastically. More failure. after that frustration and finishing my kinesiology assignment I decided to go to Barnes n Noble. didn't get anything just prayed that by some miracle just walking in through the door would get me a nook. Kind of like how some people who randomly walk into Disneyland can win a night at the dream suite. I think the dream sweat would be a better win but disneyland is to far of a drive at the moment. unfortunately there was no special win with the nook. although it did look very beautiful. I did find out that November 15th is the release day for the new Diary of a Wimpy kid book coming out. FYI Jen, when that occurs I am coming down for a visit and doing a reading session with the boys. Next failure of the day was the fact that I left my stuff at barnes and noble after I left. I realized this rather quickly called them up and they held it for me. rather than turning around though I decided to add a bike ride to my day. The bike ride wasn't that successful either. for some reason my seat kept on dropping. I tried tightening it as much as possible but something has gone wrong with the bike. I did make it to barnes, it just took a little longer than it should have. again I walked into the store hoping that by some miracle someone would come up to me and say "congratulations! you have just won a nook." It did not happen but I did get my stuff back and went back home. which was so much harder than biking there. The seat wasn't the issue but the wind was. it makes such a difference to the bike ride. that was pretty much the last thing I did today. Overall a lot of upsets during the day but not a bad day. these are failures that make my life interesting and they remind me that I am only human and that I have to up my swimming.
I do have to add that it still stuns me that in one day It will be the most beautiful weather in the morning and then lighting storms in the afternoon. WTF? not that I am complaining I do love it, it's just so confusing to me. I have been also thinking about this coming tuesday which is Tisha B'av which includes a fast and I will remember to write about it when the time comes. For months now I have been thinking of taking part in the fast. to be honest I have only done it once. back in the day at Camp Ramah. It was a great experience and to top it off to break the fast we got Chocolate croissants which were amazingly delicious. This year I have been really wanting but I don't know if I should. My health says no my mind says test it out and my mouth says it's a great excuse to break the fast with an epic splurge. I don't even know what I would splurge on. I haven't craved splurges in forever. ANyways I think I am going to listen to my mind but I need pointers for a good splurge?
By the way for those who are in Utah if anyone wants to go to the zoo, boondocks or on some amazing hike, I am craving all of those at the moment so let me know if your down.
Till Next Time

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