Saturday, August 27, 2011

mi sheberach!

Today was amazingly inspiring!!! I woke up and prepared myself for a small 5k called Sweatin for Sarah! it was spectacular. I met a lot of inspiring people including Sarah. After the 5k I got to meet Jen's family who just seem awesome! I say we do a movie night one day. No joke when I left I checked the time and told myself I have enough time to finish up some services at kol ami so I went over their did a little praying said mishe berach for Sarah, and unfortunately quite a few people today. It is a tough time for many and unfortunately many people are sick these days. In Judaism on shabbat we are not supposed to ask for anything except for one thing and one thing only... that is good health spiritually, mentally, and physically for people. I don't know why this really is because G-d is taking a break just like we are. However after today I realized for me at least it was because we want him to remember them for the next day. For myself it is like going to a friend with great connections and saying "hey I know you are on vacation but when you come back can you remember to help out a friend of mine, they aren't doing to well and they can use the help. Now I don't condone asking g-d for anything on shabbat but I will say that its ok to ask him to come back the next day and help even just one person tomorrow. Speaking of which is it sad that I really do want to do an east coast trip to smack some sense into some doctors for a friend of mine. If I do go over there I could make it some awesome trip... visit everyone from RLFH and end up in Massachusetts where some Dr.s are going to here about how ridiculous they are. Maybe I will do a North America Road trip while I am at it that would be awesome! including Canada. If I am correct I have a few people over there that I need to visit. (one day)
Speaking of health I know a lot of you want to know about mine to be honest I really don't know the past couple days have been weird. I will not deny that last night I was close to facebooking Jen telling her I will be on the side lines rooting for her in the 5k but for some reason I told myself to hold of for a bit and next thing you know I woke up feeling like I could run a 5k so I did which was awesome and to top it off I increased my speed so I thought today would be great! which it was don't get me wrong but as I was leaving the synagogue I started feeling it. not gonna lie I was in a whole lot of pain at that moment but I really don't know why. I do know that I am still feeling it and I cannot wait till I get that damn phone call from Dr. Falahati's office. I really am not complaining though. compared to what sarah is fighting I just have a tiny little stomach flu.
Honestly I am glad I experienced today. I was able to meet people who are fighting battles that most people wouldn't be able to fight. To be honest thinking about my pain it really is nothing it is just pain. the difference between me and the people I prayed for today is that they are struggling for more than I am and myself I am just tired of a small pain.
alright I have procrastinated enough time to finish homework!
FYI if she doesn't mind me putting this up... my heart goes out to my good friend Tami! She is going through a lot and I really really do wish I can come over there and get those doctors to make up their minds.
and I left everyone a little prayer just remember add the when you wake up tomorrow, G-d is on a little vacation at the moment
Till Next Time

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