Friday, August 12, 2011

welcome back pain.

Today has been rough although I did enjoy reading about carbs today. It's amazing how much information you can process just by reading at a booth in Beans and Brew. Yes I do go there everyday to do homework and study. I can't concentrate at home so why not? apparently my body has decided that it missed all the stomach pains and chest pains and so forth so I woke up this morning feeling crappy went to ab lab which oddly enough had an instant gratification affect so Thank you Melissa for that. I attempted a quick little jog afterwards wanted to do a little cardio which didn't work out very well so I just drove down to beans and brew where all I did was homework. On a good note rather than seeing an endocrinologist in September, I get to see him monday at three. Still have to say I am so sick of doctors so far it has all been the same b.s. I go to a different doctor they give me some form of medication that helps a bit but then starts to faze out or the side effects aren't even worth it. so needless to say I hope this ends up being different. I will say that I think I just want to detox and restart my body and guaranteed that will fix things up. Go gluten, egg, lactose, and certain fruits free. basically nearly vegan but I need my meat! sorry folks of the vegetarian world but meat actually is one of the only foods I can put in my system without feeling like death. That and my yummy comfort bars which thank g-d I found those and thank Wholefoods in hillcrest for having them in stock.
at the end of the day I also went to services where I got to pray a little got to see my third favorite puppy at the moment and I got to be around amazing people who are giving me a volunteer job. the only bummer to that is that I would have to miss my sunday yoga :( I guess I have to find a different yoga class. I really like the yoga instructor though :(.
Now I am at home chillin with alysha who is flying tomorrow back to Ropo to start of the school year. Now of to bed cause I am in pain and tired.

Till Next Time

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