Thursday, August 18, 2011

A thoughtful day after an amazing ride.

So this blog is an interesting one. I started the day with an amazing bike ride on the Jordan river path. Can I just say it is the greatest thing living right by the river. it's not as gorgeous as the Banias River in Israel but it is so peaceful. I after that I finished me thread for kinesiology. had to right about the wrist and hand joint actions and name the muscles that go with it. very interesting stuff. after that I tested out my 3DS which is amazing! the 3D on that thing is so cool and of course ocarina of time is fanFreakinTastic!!. and now I am learning about lipids in Nutrition class. Did you know that due to the fact that Omega-3s and omega-6 fatty acids fight for the same enzymes there ends up not being enough in the body there for omega-3 and 6 are essential. notice that 9 isn't in there. FYI you can easily gain both from fish, vegetable oils and nuts. you don't need to take pills for it.
I had an interesting conversation with Tyler today about who we are envious about. So I am going to ask you all who do you envy. I thought about it for some time and all I could thinks was that I envy the people who never have to be brave.
Today had a whole lot of thinking involved which is never good but lets just say I am grateful for the friends I have they are all amazing, I love my family and miss them dearly and I am tired. You ever just have one of those days where honestly every ounce of you is just mentally done. as not so terrible as this day was (in fact it was a good day) I sit here wondering if I can just for one day get rid of all the pain, put school aside and responsibilities away and just take a trip to some remote beach (preferably the new Disney Resort in Hawaii or a Disney cruise) and just sleep, run and enjoy the day in the water. To be honest I don't even need that. I want a break that gives me memories to share. I haven't had that in a while. I mean really who wants to share a story about doing homework. I want to add to memories like acting asleep while Bekka gets pissed off at the guy on the speaker because he might wake me up, or going on to splash mountain at night with Adam while it's raining because there is no line (so worth it by the way).
Now of course you all want a pain update. nothing has changed. I have gotten a lot of questions and for some reason people want the details so here is what you need to know. Its triggered by 3 things: 1. food, any food really. 2. is a little TMI so I wont post that. and 3. this one is weird to me but leaning over, as if to pick something up. these triggers or like eicosanoids (reference from nutrition book), they effect each part of the body differently and that is just to much information to type up on a blog and again I am tired so not putting it all up here. Now I have finished my HW and studying for the day, I have had a thoughtful day, and I had an amazing bike ride so aside from chest and stomach issues it has been amazing. so now I can go to bed happy.
It's amazing I started writing this blog bummed out about some stuff and I finished realizing that life is near perfection. (a vacation would still be nice though)
Till Next Time!

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