Friday, August 26, 2011

a terrible test and gettin nervous for tomorrow

Lesson of the day before I tell you about my day: protein and Amino acid supplements are not the way to go. Seriously due to the fact that your body needs to digest the body needs to beable to digest and break down on it's own so having amino supplements instead of meals takes that away and to top it of it may cause damage to the liver. TRIPPY!!
Today was a day of school (again). woke up cookeda delicious days worth of food, did an awesome ab lab, then did school which included the most terrible kinesiology mid-term. I got a 63% :(!!!!
Tonight I am going to go search for an outfit for tomorrow than go to the movies with brad!!! I should go to services but I want to hangout with the Brad before I head down to SD this week! I am so stocked for SD!!! I get to see my aunt and uncle who live in Tennessee. I don't get to see them often. FYI the movie I am seeing tonight is our idiot brother. I will tell you how it is.
Is it lame that I am skipping out on service? I feel kind of guilty but I don't get to see brad enough. I did do my morning prayers, read my tehilim and I am going to light the shabbos candles so I should be good.
anywho I should head out and find something to wear tomorrow.
Till Next Time

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