Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the phineas and ferb roller coaster

I titled this lovely blog based on the first episode of the greatest cartoon on television at the moment so please if you haven't seen it watch it, at least the first episode so you understand the blog a little more.
I was trying to explain the levels of different pain today and to be honest it was just weird! it was like every symptom that I usually have on different days decided to show up on an hourly basis. Which is when I thought about phineas and ferb and the roller coaster in the first episode. it is exactly like that. a ridiculous elevation was in the morning when I woke up and felt great! a tremendous drop right after when I attempted to run. the run looked like I was about to topple over so I decided to make it a nice long walk after I got to the train tracks and realized it isn't going to happen. I really want it to cause I found a 10k in Lehi I want to start training for. anywho after the run it was like that one part of the rollercoaster that they make fun of but I can't remember exactly what they call it but it is a zigzag shape. just up and down. and to top it of it was all different motions of pain which is why I call today's weirdness the Phineas and Ferb roller coaster of pain.
I gotta say one thing about today and life.... I love my parents and it sucks that I always want to call them when I am in pain. I want to call them other times too but it really makes me feel better when I call them while the pain gets bad. of course when I call them they get worried and plan an emergency trip to Utah or something like that but honestly all I need is to know that they are there and that I can call them. they also tend to call nurses who are working hard to get results back FYI thank you Ashley the nurse who really is trying.
Today wasn't bad though I have been learning a lot about B vitamins and I got to take a break when I went to lunch with Kimber which was awesome. I haven't seen Kimber since I have been in St. George so it's been some time.FYI Kimber really sorry for looking a little out of it but it was nice chattin with you!
Tomorrow is the drive down to St. George!!! I am so stocked!! I can't wait. I get to see my favorite group of people! and honestly some time with friends and some time around the program itself will be awesome. the people that come through RLFH are always motivating so I am hoping tomorrow hearing their stories will take my mind off of my body.
FYI I watched next last night which was actually pretty good. I am a huge Nicolas Cage fan (only his acting though). I could care less about his crazy personal life.
Till Next Time

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