Tuesday, August 16, 2011

my selfish thought

before I started my day today I went on a run. it was an interesting run filled with a lot of thoughts. For those of you who don't know this, I run because it is the only time when I know how to block out thoughts or even change my thoughts. So today while running I thought about not running because I was scared I would be hurting to much then I stopped that thought, I thought about SD and how much I miss it and told myself I will be there soon FYI if I go on the 5th of next month I get to see my uncle who I haven't seen in years! I am so stocked! I need to get on planning that trip. here is where my selfish thought comes in. I was thinking about all the great real lifers and some of the not so greats. both put a smile on my face especially after a little laughter while thinking about a certain nose picker in the corner of the bowling ally doing what he does best. As I was thinking about the RLFers I thought about the ones that went home and how their lives have improved so much and how some have even become marathoners or are in the works of it, or how for some they have become trainers themselves. then it hit me... Again it is a selfish thought for a split second and a split second only so please please please forgive me. I think I even said it out loud. I thought Damn them. (SORRY) I have been fighting being sick since I left RLFH the second time around and every time I get closer to my goal I get sick again. I did stop that thought though and change it completely first remember that I love most of my RLFH family and that I am proud of each and every single one of you for working crazy hard to get to your goals. second know that after that split second I thought wow I am a biznatch! then I checked my watch realized that my time improved by about 30 seconds. and I thought thirty seconds after not running for a week cause of course I have been sick is pretty fabulous. That lead to even though I haven't improved as quickly as a normal person would I have improved I am growing strong and hopefully I will be running sweatin for sarah 5k kickin some dirt in someones face ;)! and then for the next few minutes all I could think about was the fact that I will never think that selfishly until this afternoon but that is a little to personal even for my blogs and it had nothing to do with RLFH.
On that note I should tell you about my day.... I went grocery shopping! I love sunflower FYI! greatest grocery store out there. two weeks worth of a ton of food for uber cheap and I can easily find lactose and gluten free items. I am even going to attempt this new Gluten,Lactose and Soy free protein powder later on tonight that I hope is good, I also got these cables that I have been needing for my game systems and now i can play all I want (great for sick days) now all I want is a little mini table or something to make all the systems bunched up by the fire place look pretty. Now I am at BNB taking a break from homework. FYI about 2 seconds ago I got this awesome invite to an oh so special occasion is it lame that it totally made my day?
will let you all know about that protein powder.
Till Next Time

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