Thursday, August 25, 2011


Today wasn't to be of a day. I got an ultrasound done first thing. Funny thing is I had the same person do a couple other tests on me her name is angie and I think it is a little sad that she knows me but also a little more comfy when I have to go in there. I don't get to find out the results till later on in life so I shall let you all know about it when I find out. After that I just did some homework. around 3 I decided to go to sunflower so I just get my mind and body outside of homework and beans and brew and so I can get food to last me till I go back to SD. FYI I am heading down next week and stopping by SG first off. I cannot wait!!! I think I am getting moreand more hints as to what i should do but there is just one important factor stopping me so I shall give you more details when I figure that all out. Sunflower was actually fun. I know that may sound weird to most but 1. I love grocery shopping and 2. there was a free sampling of FALAFEL CHIPS!!! I don't know if any of you have heard of it but it is soooo YUMMY!!! All natural all organic, gluten free, low in calories and they actually taste like really delicious falafel. I am not talking it taste like falafel that was made at the semi decent american infused Mediterranean falafel, I am talking falafel from the greatest little falafel shack in Israel which FYI my mother is walking distance from (OH SO JEALOUS)! seriously though she is walking distance from that little shack at the gas station down in Hod Hasharon passed out. I don't even know if that Falafel joint is still there or not but I will never forget it and I really just want some good falafel. hmmmm.... I wonder if I can make some yummy healthy falafel? Still having some weird mood swings but I really do think its cause of sleep deprivation. I couldn't sleep well last night. what sucks is this time around I know it's cause my mind is rambling. its doing the whole pros and cons thing and it just sucks when you are trying to sleep. I will say this that no matter what I do I need a job! so I am looking. don't get me wrong doing the whole teaching hebrew which is volunteer work will be fun but its only on sundays and only for 5 weeks so I don't even know what to do after the fact. oy! before I rumble on more I should go but I do have one more thing I gotta put up before I do so..... 2 MORE DAYS TILL SWEATIN FOR SARAH 5K!!! everyone should look it up and donate FYI the story is pretty intense and well lets just say Sarah is a pretty deserving.
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