Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the phineas and ferb roller coaster

I titled this lovely blog based on the first episode of the greatest cartoon on television at the moment so please if you haven't seen it watch it, at least the first episode so you understand the blog a little more.
I was trying to explain the levels of different pain today and to be honest it was just weird! it was like every symptom that I usually have on different days decided to show up on an hourly basis. Which is when I thought about phineas and ferb and the roller coaster in the first episode. it is exactly like that. a ridiculous elevation was in the morning when I woke up and felt great! a tremendous drop right after when I attempted to run. the run looked like I was about to topple over so I decided to make it a nice long walk after I got to the train tracks and realized it isn't going to happen. I really want it to cause I found a 10k in Lehi I want to start training for. anywho after the run it was like that one part of the rollercoaster that they make fun of but I can't remember exactly what they call it but it is a zigzag shape. just up and down. and to top it of it was all different motions of pain which is why I call today's weirdness the Phineas and Ferb roller coaster of pain.
I gotta say one thing about today and life.... I love my parents and it sucks that I always want to call them when I am in pain. I want to call them other times too but it really makes me feel better when I call them while the pain gets bad. of course when I call them they get worried and plan an emergency trip to Utah or something like that but honestly all I need is to know that they are there and that I can call them. they also tend to call nurses who are working hard to get results back FYI thank you Ashley the nurse who really is trying.
Today wasn't bad though I have been learning a lot about B vitamins and I got to take a break when I went to lunch with Kimber which was awesome. I haven't seen Kimber since I have been in St. George so it's been some time.FYI Kimber really sorry for looking a little out of it but it was nice chattin with you!
Tomorrow is the drive down to St. George!!! I am so stocked!! I can't wait. I get to see my favorite group of people! and honestly some time with friends and some time around the program itself will be awesome. the people that come through RLFH are always motivating so I am hoping tomorrow hearing their stories will take my mind off of my body.
FYI I watched next last night which was actually pretty good. I am a huge Nicolas Cage fan (only his acting though). I could care less about his crazy personal life.
Till Next Time

Saturday, August 27, 2011

mi sheberach!

Today was amazingly inspiring!!! I woke up and prepared myself for a small 5k called Sweatin for Sarah! it was spectacular. I met a lot of inspiring people including Sarah. After the 5k I got to meet Jen's family who just seem awesome! I say we do a movie night one day. No joke when I left I checked the time and told myself I have enough time to finish up some services at kol ami so I went over their did a little praying said mishe berach for Sarah, and unfortunately quite a few people today. It is a tough time for many and unfortunately many people are sick these days. In Judaism on shabbat we are not supposed to ask for anything except for one thing and one thing only... that is good health spiritually, mentally, and physically for people. I don't know why this really is because G-d is taking a break just like we are. However after today I realized for me at least it was because we want him to remember them for the next day. For myself it is like going to a friend with great connections and saying "hey I know you are on vacation but when you come back can you remember to help out a friend of mine, they aren't doing to well and they can use the help. Now I don't condone asking g-d for anything on shabbat but I will say that its ok to ask him to come back the next day and help even just one person tomorrow. Speaking of which is it sad that I really do want to do an east coast trip to smack some sense into some doctors for a friend of mine. If I do go over there I could make it some awesome trip... visit everyone from RLFH and end up in Massachusetts where some Dr.s are going to here about how ridiculous they are. Maybe I will do a North America Road trip while I am at it that would be awesome! including Canada. If I am correct I have a few people over there that I need to visit. (one day)
Speaking of health I know a lot of you want to know about mine to be honest I really don't know the past couple days have been weird. I will not deny that last night I was close to facebooking Jen telling her I will be on the side lines rooting for her in the 5k but for some reason I told myself to hold of for a bit and next thing you know I woke up feeling like I could run a 5k so I did which was awesome and to top it off I increased my speed so I thought today would be great! which it was don't get me wrong but as I was leaving the synagogue I started feeling it. not gonna lie I was in a whole lot of pain at that moment but I really don't know why. I do know that I am still feeling it and I cannot wait till I get that damn phone call from Dr. Falahati's office. I really am not complaining though. compared to what sarah is fighting I just have a tiny little stomach flu.
Honestly I am glad I experienced today. I was able to meet people who are fighting battles that most people wouldn't be able to fight. To be honest thinking about my pain it really is nothing it is just pain. the difference between me and the people I prayed for today is that they are struggling for more than I am and myself I am just tired of a small pain.
alright I have procrastinated enough time to finish homework!
FYI if she doesn't mind me putting this up... my heart goes out to my good friend Tami! She is going through a lot and I really really do wish I can come over there and get those doctors to make up their minds.
and I left everyone a little prayer just remember add the when you wake up tomorrow, G-d is on a little vacation at the moment
Till Next Time

Friday, August 26, 2011

a terrible test and gettin nervous for tomorrow

Lesson of the day before I tell you about my day: protein and Amino acid supplements are not the way to go. Seriously due to the fact that your body needs to digest the body needs to beable to digest and break down on it's own so having amino supplements instead of meals takes that away and to top it of it may cause damage to the liver. TRIPPY!!
Today was a day of school (again). woke up cookeda delicious days worth of food, did an awesome ab lab, then did school which included the most terrible kinesiology mid-term. I got a 63% :(!!!!
Tonight I am going to go search for an outfit for tomorrow than go to the movies with brad!!! I should go to services but I want to hangout with the Brad before I head down to SD this week! I am so stocked for SD!!! I get to see my aunt and uncle who live in Tennessee. I don't get to see them often. FYI the movie I am seeing tonight is our idiot brother. I will tell you how it is.
Is it lame that I am skipping out on service? I feel kind of guilty but I don't get to see brad enough. I did do my morning prayers, read my tehilim and I am going to light the shabbos candles so I should be good.
anywho I should head out and find something to wear tomorrow.
Till Next Time

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Today wasn't to be of a day. I got an ultrasound done first thing. Funny thing is I had the same person do a couple other tests on me her name is angie and I think it is a little sad that she knows me but also a little more comfy when I have to go in there. I don't get to find out the results till later on in life so I shall let you all know about it when I find out. After that I just did some homework. around 3 I decided to go to sunflower so I just get my mind and body outside of homework and beans and brew and so I can get food to last me till I go back to SD. FYI I am heading down next week and stopping by SG first off. I cannot wait!!! I think I am getting moreand more hints as to what i should do but there is just one important factor stopping me so I shall give you more details when I figure that all out. Sunflower was actually fun. I know that may sound weird to most but 1. I love grocery shopping and 2. there was a free sampling of FALAFEL CHIPS!!! I don't know if any of you have heard of it but it is soooo YUMMY!!! All natural all organic, gluten free, low in calories and they actually taste like really delicious falafel. I am not talking it taste like falafel that was made at the semi decent american infused Mediterranean falafel, I am talking falafel from the greatest little falafel shack in Israel which FYI my mother is walking distance from (OH SO JEALOUS)! seriously though she is walking distance from that little shack at the gas station down in Hod Hasharon passed out. I don't even know if that Falafel joint is still there or not but I will never forget it and I really just want some good falafel. hmmmm.... I wonder if I can make some yummy healthy falafel? Still having some weird mood swings but I really do think its cause of sleep deprivation. I couldn't sleep well last night. what sucks is this time around I know it's cause my mind is rambling. its doing the whole pros and cons thing and it just sucks when you are trying to sleep. I will say this that no matter what I do I need a job! so I am looking. don't get me wrong doing the whole teaching hebrew which is volunteer work will be fun but its only on sundays and only for 5 weeks so I don't even know what to do after the fact. oy! before I rumble on more I should go but I do have one more thing I gotta put up before I do so..... 2 MORE DAYS TILL SWEATIN FOR SARAH 5K!!! everyone should look it up and donate FYI the story is pretty intense and well lets just say Sarah is a pretty deserving.
Till Next Time

Sunday, August 21, 2011

a wedding reception and a fun read.

The start of my day is fantastic! It started off with the most delicious breakfast a yummy dairy free egg free banana oat pancake (half medium frozen banana, 1/3 cup oats, stevia, and 3/4 TB balsamic, 1/2 cup of water or till texture is fit for a pancake), with turkey bacon! YUM!! then a tough well needed yoga class. I love that class! the instructor is great and it is a great way to workout and regain energy for the rest of the week. after yoga, I read about drinking in nutrition! what I have learned so far is that there are two types of water to look for (hard and soft, hard being the better choice), orange juice is great for you, there is really no accurate research stating that caffeine is bad for you unless you have more than three servings of it, energy drinks are terrible and don't really give you what they say they do, vitamin water won't give you any vitamins, sports drinks (the right ones for the right amount of energy output is good for you, and the best non water drink to have is freshly squeezed orange juice. I also learned a little about alcohol and will learn a whole lot more about it tomorrow hopefully. I only got to read for a little bit because I went to a wedding reception for the rabbi. That was fun, schmoozed with everyone I could and now after a fun conversation with the greatest man in my life, My daddy! I am going to go to bed so I can be ready for tomorrow which will be just as awesome! FYI I have been talking to a few people about the big decision I need to make for my health and I will say there is no right answer and hearing my dad say he doesn't know felt great because everyone else needed to give there two cents and honestly just needed to here someone say I don't know.
Till Next Time

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A thoughtful day after an amazing ride.

So this blog is an interesting one. I started the day with an amazing bike ride on the Jordan river path. Can I just say it is the greatest thing living right by the river. it's not as gorgeous as the Banias River in Israel but it is so peaceful. I after that I finished me thread for kinesiology. had to right about the wrist and hand joint actions and name the muscles that go with it. very interesting stuff. after that I tested out my 3DS which is amazing! the 3D on that thing is so cool and of course ocarina of time is fanFreakinTastic!!. and now I am learning about lipids in Nutrition class. Did you know that due to the fact that Omega-3s and omega-6 fatty acids fight for the same enzymes there ends up not being enough in the body there for omega-3 and 6 are essential. notice that 9 isn't in there. FYI you can easily gain both from fish, vegetable oils and nuts. you don't need to take pills for it.
I had an interesting conversation with Tyler today about who we are envious about. So I am going to ask you all who do you envy. I thought about it for some time and all I could thinks was that I envy the people who never have to be brave.
Today had a whole lot of thinking involved which is never good but lets just say I am grateful for the friends I have they are all amazing, I love my family and miss them dearly and I am tired. You ever just have one of those days where honestly every ounce of you is just mentally done. as not so terrible as this day was (in fact it was a good day) I sit here wondering if I can just for one day get rid of all the pain, put school aside and responsibilities away and just take a trip to some remote beach (preferably the new Disney Resort in Hawaii or a Disney cruise) and just sleep, run and enjoy the day in the water. To be honest I don't even need that. I want a break that gives me memories to share. I haven't had that in a while. I mean really who wants to share a story about doing homework. I want to add to memories like acting asleep while Bekka gets pissed off at the guy on the speaker because he might wake me up, or going on to splash mountain at night with Adam while it's raining because there is no line (so worth it by the way).
Now of course you all want a pain update. nothing has changed. I have gotten a lot of questions and for some reason people want the details so here is what you need to know. Its triggered by 3 things: 1. food, any food really. 2. is a little TMI so I wont post that. and 3. this one is weird to me but leaning over, as if to pick something up. these triggers or like eicosanoids (reference from nutrition book), they effect each part of the body differently and that is just to much information to type up on a blog and again I am tired so not putting it all up here. Now I have finished my HW and studying for the day, I have had a thoughtful day, and I had an amazing bike ride so aside from chest and stomach issues it has been amazing. so now I can go to bed happy.
It's amazing I started writing this blog bummed out about some stuff and I finished realizing that life is near perfection. (a vacation would still be nice though)
Till Next Time!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

my selfish thought

before I started my day today I went on a run. it was an interesting run filled with a lot of thoughts. For those of you who don't know this, I run because it is the only time when I know how to block out thoughts or even change my thoughts. So today while running I thought about not running because I was scared I would be hurting to much then I stopped that thought, I thought about SD and how much I miss it and told myself I will be there soon FYI if I go on the 5th of next month I get to see my uncle who I haven't seen in years! I am so stocked! I need to get on planning that trip. here is where my selfish thought comes in. I was thinking about all the great real lifers and some of the not so greats. both put a smile on my face especially after a little laughter while thinking about a certain nose picker in the corner of the bowling ally doing what he does best. As I was thinking about the RLFers I thought about the ones that went home and how their lives have improved so much and how some have even become marathoners or are in the works of it, or how for some they have become trainers themselves. then it hit me... Again it is a selfish thought for a split second and a split second only so please please please forgive me. I think I even said it out loud. I thought Damn them. (SORRY) I have been fighting being sick since I left RLFH the second time around and every time I get closer to my goal I get sick again. I did stop that thought though and change it completely first remember that I love most of my RLFH family and that I am proud of each and every single one of you for working crazy hard to get to your goals. second know that after that split second I thought wow I am a biznatch! then I checked my watch realized that my time improved by about 30 seconds. and I thought thirty seconds after not running for a week cause of course I have been sick is pretty fabulous. That lead to even though I haven't improved as quickly as a normal person would I have improved I am growing strong and hopefully I will be running sweatin for sarah 5k kickin some dirt in someones face ;)! and then for the next few minutes all I could think about was the fact that I will never think that selfishly until this afternoon but that is a little to personal even for my blogs and it had nothing to do with RLFH.
On that note I should tell you about my day.... I went grocery shopping! I love sunflower FYI! greatest grocery store out there. two weeks worth of a ton of food for uber cheap and I can easily find lactose and gluten free items. I am even going to attempt this new Gluten,Lactose and Soy free protein powder later on tonight that I hope is good, I also got these cables that I have been needing for my game systems and now i can play all I want (great for sick days) now all I want is a little mini table or something to make all the systems bunched up by the fire place look pretty. Now I am at BNB taking a break from homework. FYI about 2 seconds ago I got this awesome invite to an oh so special occasion is it lame that it totally made my day?
will let you all know about that protein powder.
Till Next Time

Friday, August 12, 2011

welcome back pain.

Today has been rough although I did enjoy reading about carbs today. It's amazing how much information you can process just by reading at a booth in Beans and Brew. Yes I do go there everyday to do homework and study. I can't concentrate at home so why not? apparently my body has decided that it missed all the stomach pains and chest pains and so forth so I woke up this morning feeling crappy went to ab lab which oddly enough had an instant gratification affect so Thank you Melissa for that. I attempted a quick little jog afterwards wanted to do a little cardio which didn't work out very well so I just drove down to beans and brew where all I did was homework. On a good note rather than seeing an endocrinologist in September, I get to see him monday at three. Still have to say I am so sick of doctors so far it has all been the same b.s. I go to a different doctor they give me some form of medication that helps a bit but then starts to faze out or the side effects aren't even worth it. so needless to say I hope this ends up being different. I will say that I think I just want to detox and restart my body and guaranteed that will fix things up. Go gluten, egg, lactose, and certain fruits free. basically nearly vegan but I need my meat! sorry folks of the vegetarian world but meat actually is one of the only foods I can put in my system without feeling like death. That and my yummy comfort bars which thank g-d I found those and thank Wholefoods in hillcrest for having them in stock.
at the end of the day I also went to services where I got to pray a little got to see my third favorite puppy at the moment and I got to be around amazing people who are giving me a volunteer job. the only bummer to that is that I would have to miss my sunday yoga :( I guess I have to find a different yoga class. I really like the yoga instructor though :(.
Now I am at home chillin with alysha who is flying tomorrow back to Ropo to start of the school year. Now of to bed cause I am in pain and tired.

Till Next Time

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My day of failing

Today was a day of workout failures! I woke up really wanting to go for a swim so I got into the pool and just went for it. I haven't been swimming in a while and to top it off I am just getting back from yesterdays slump of feeling sick so swimming ended up a failure. I got 11 out of 20 laps I intended to do and they were totally half fast and I just couldn't breath most of the time so after 11 laps I decided that was enough got out and went on to beans and brew after a shower to do school work which I have been having troubles with the help desk so now my grade in Human Anatomy has dropped drastically. More failure. after that frustration and finishing my kinesiology assignment I decided to go to Barnes n Noble. didn't get anything just prayed that by some miracle just walking in through the door would get me a nook. Kind of like how some people who randomly walk into Disneyland can win a night at the dream suite. I think the dream sweat would be a better win but disneyland is to far of a drive at the moment. unfortunately there was no special win with the nook. although it did look very beautiful. I did find out that November 15th is the release day for the new Diary of a Wimpy kid book coming out. FYI Jen, when that occurs I am coming down for a visit and doing a reading session with the boys. Next failure of the day was the fact that I left my stuff at barnes and noble after I left. I realized this rather quickly called them up and they held it for me. rather than turning around though I decided to add a bike ride to my day. The bike ride wasn't that successful either. for some reason my seat kept on dropping. I tried tightening it as much as possible but something has gone wrong with the bike. I did make it to barnes, it just took a little longer than it should have. again I walked into the store hoping that by some miracle someone would come up to me and say "congratulations! you have just won a nook." It did not happen but I did get my stuff back and went back home. which was so much harder than biking there. The seat wasn't the issue but the wind was. it makes such a difference to the bike ride. that was pretty much the last thing I did today. Overall a lot of upsets during the day but not a bad day. these are failures that make my life interesting and they remind me that I am only human and that I have to up my swimming.
I do have to add that it still stuns me that in one day It will be the most beautiful weather in the morning and then lighting storms in the afternoon. WTF? not that I am complaining I do love it, it's just so confusing to me. I have been also thinking about this coming tuesday which is Tisha B'av which includes a fast and I will remember to write about it when the time comes. For months now I have been thinking of taking part in the fast. to be honest I have only done it once. back in the day at Camp Ramah. It was a great experience and to top it off to break the fast we got Chocolate croissants which were amazingly delicious. This year I have been really wanting but I don't know if I should. My health says no my mind says test it out and my mouth says it's a great excuse to break the fast with an epic splurge. I don't even know what I would splurge on. I haven't craved splurges in forever. ANyways I think I am going to listen to my mind but I need pointers for a good splurge?
By the way for those who are in Utah if anyone wants to go to the zoo, boondocks or on some amazing hike, I am craving all of those at the moment so let me know if your down.
Till Next Time

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Planet W.

Before you begin reading this amazing blog you have to go to theplanetw.com! watch the little movies and check out the acknowledgements under about the creator and you will understand this blog a little more (plus it will be fun).
I grew up with one amazing family! In my huge amazing family are a set of cousins. I believe I have written about my other family a few times and how Marlene is my second mother. Well she has brothers and a sister. All a little crazy in there own way which is why I love them oh so much. Today I shall tell you a little bit about Joe, one of the brothers, a crazy fun loving cousin and since I am the third child of Marlene he is also my uncle.He never acted any differently than an uncle so that is what he is. Almost every shabbat dinner at the Sassoon house we would hear stories from Joe about Peat Neat and Planet W! I have probably heard it a million times and eventually he created a website for it where you could see chapters of the story. needless to say when this occurred you bet I was on the computer daily on that site. this was of course years ago. from time to time I still go to the site to play a few games and to refresh my memory of this great story.
Today I got a little message saying there was a new chapter in the story. So of course I had to refresh my memory watch the chapters one at a time and then the new chapter which was epic. Loved it!
I usually go back to the site on days like this. It has been a rough day physically. I woke up later than usual which is great but I woke up feeling sick and like it is a day where the air is a little polluted. Honestly I don't really care because I got to go to Planet W today :)! The day isn't over but don't really think anything else is going to occur today other than a possible trip to the mall or costco or both depending. anyways I should continue school work.
I shall let you know if anything exciting occurs today. "do you want dun dun!"
Till Next Time