Friday, July 1, 2011

Why I enjoy going to services with congregation Kol Ami

Alright this week has been rough. I have been trying to get a job and haven't gotten anywhere. after today which by the way I really don't want to here the line "we are not hiring at the moment" ever again. that is all I am hearing. this whole week I think I was told that about 20 times. anyways today was kind of that last straw kind of day. getting depressed about really don't know what I am going to do if I can't find a job. Anywho today after a fabulous set of ab lab and intervals I did more job searching then went to services with the kol ami congregation at wellington. For those of you who don't know what wellington is, it's an assisted living home for the elderly. an amazing complex where the rabbi of Kol ami does a monthly service and a weekly class. I went to the services for two reasons one being I needed something to do and two because I have enjoyed the company of the people of kol ami so why not. The moment I walked in I felt a whole lot better. The rabbi instantly greeted me when I entered and so did a few other congregants that recognixed me, right as I sat down the people at the assistant living came right up to me and said hi and introduced themselves. So already I forgot about life which was fabulous. Services were simple and short which was nice but what really made the night was the traditional rabbi's lesson of the day. She was talking about the parsha of the week. this week is the story of moses hitting the rock rather than asking it for water. The rabbi's lesson was about the point of view of the rock. How as people we should understand what the rock is feeling. I know that sounds crazy but there is a purpose for it. Think about the thought that the rock is thinking please oh please ask me to give you water, ask me to give whatever I can for you ask me to have a purpose. Really kind of summed up my week. all I have been asking is for people to let me give them what I can. Let me work for you, let me give you my labor. As the story went on the rabbi continued by saying we shouldn't just sit there and ask but we should do. hold up a sign saying I can give you this help, whatever talent or gift that is I can give it. for a moment I thought well ya I have been doing that and guess what... no one wants what I can give which is kind of lame. but that isn't what the lesson is about. it is about truly putting yourself out there and I will admit all I have been searching for a jobs that are sub par and honestly I am probably over qualified. so starting this week (monday since tomorrow is shabbat and nothing is opened on sundays I will be going all over the place to search for someone who needs what I can give. hopefull it works if not I really don't know what I will do.
but it did really cheer me up to here the lesson. it reminds me that everyone has similar struggles in life even if it is just a rock. So I leave you with that!
Till Next TIme

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