Sunday, July 10, 2011


My morning workout consisted of outdoor intervals with a few exceptions .5 mile flat run with walking at the end of it. Honestly it was excellent! Starting to train for the 5k and can I just say it is a lot harder outdoors than on a tread. An out door 5k I can do in like an hour. For a couple reasons. First is cause I still get some chest pains after running like two miles and second is cause you can't help but slowly slow down tour pace when you run or at least I can't. On a tread all I have to do is put it at one pace that my legs can handle and tell myself that I just have to get to the 5k mark before I pass out. Considering that my legs can handle 6.5 pace on a tread it only takes mr about 30 min. To do a 5k. My goal while training just get to the 5k without walking!!
After my workout of the day the family went to ojai! For those of you who don't know what or where that is, it's a little town right by santa barbara. I went to go visit the little brother at work :(! He is a football coach at camp ramah. Today was visitors day so we totally made it a family get together. A fun one at that. Bummed into some old friends, stole some oranges from their orange grove and now we are on our way back to sd stopping in hollywood for dinner at Aroma. I am stocked I do love aroma. Fyi back to ramah, for those of you who were wondering, soooooo much has changed! There's a new insane ropes coarse, the people are completeuely different and supposedly the food is different. I guess its been a few years since I have been there because it really didn't look like the ramah I went to.
Small negative note: I hate L.A. and the L.A. traffic! wtf! I can run to aroma faster then this car can drive there
Tomorrow is a very special day so if I forget to write a blog for you guys remind me and then just shun me!
Till Next Time
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