Monday, July 11, 2011

my grammars birthday!!

So today is my grammars birthday!!!!! So before I get to her awesomeness let me tell you about my day. It was fabulous! I spent the first half with bells which was great. We went to broken yolk for breakfast where I had my usual. It took me a while to get to that decision too. I went there knowing I wanted my usual looked at the menu thinking maybe I should try something new and debated for a good 10 minutes until I decided that the usual is always yummy so why not. After breakfast we hung out a little bit and watched harry potter. After I had to go run some errands get some sprinkles cupcakes for dinner with grams, and then off to my grammars place. Fyi she loved my gift. It is one of those digital picture frames that holds a bunch of pictures and has a sideshow. I put pictures of the family on it which were perfect! Thank you Marlene for the pictures!
Now on to my grandmother, the grams, the rock of this family;... she is by far the greatest out there! She has been that stereotypical grammar who showers us grandkids with food, gifts and more. That more is what makes her special! To explain, while in the hospital she was probably there just as long if not longer than my parents were. As kids we would spend days even weeks sometimes at grandma and grandpa's, playing cards and mahjong. So needless to say she has also been a great friend who deserves a fabulous birthday! Which I do hope it was happy birthday grandma!!!
Till Next Time!
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