Thursday, July 14, 2011

golds sd to hp midnight showing

I started out my day at gold's gym sd today. It was interesting to say the least. They were cold when I walked in then spin class was just boring. Slow music from the 60s was the start and slow music from the seventies ended it. The bikes actually had gears which at first I thought was cool but it ended up being annoying spin class should be about how hard you can go, not the bike. I spent an hour in this class then checked out the lockers. Is it sad that everytime I check out a gym I look at the showers in the lockers and compare them to the ones at Treehouse? Anyhow I left right after that. Went to sushi with dorite and got a yummy salsa roll, helped Ohad with a magic trick while studying, and lastly I signed up for the AFPA nutrition and wellness certification!! I am so stocked for that. After all of that I had an amazing dinner with danny, justine and Lauren. I haven't seen Lauren in forever it was nice to see her hopefully that dinner will occur again soon. Now I am at the midnight showing of harry potter waiting for the next hour cause the line fore these seats was insane. Love it though cause I am with bekka.
Till next time
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