Monday, July 18, 2011

driving back to sd.

So after some good amount of time in Vegas I am going back to sd :(. Before we left we went to get my mom's favorite bread at Paris hotel then to luxor to go through the bodies and titanic exhibitions. First bodies which was amazing. I had two thoughts in my head in there. 1. Kinesiology and everything I am learning. 2. Is a certain someone who is rather knowledgeable friend who I have grown to respect (aside from her love for byu). I think you know who you are *cough* Lisa *cough*. I would have loved to explore that exhibition with you. The other exhibition, titanic was pretty awesome as well. There were rooms where we felt like we were on the ship. When we got to the end they took the idea of the museum of tolerance and gave you a card with a name so you could see if that person was lost or saved. Honestly the way they had it set up was a little confusing so I don't know if my person was lost or saved. Speaking of the museum of tolerance and tolerance in general I have to get something out there...
The first day in Vegas we went to walmart for somethings. Nothing special at all. The story comes in when we were at the check out line. There was this guy tattoos from the toes up and one right on the neck that was fairly obvious. It was a neo-nazi tattoo. Of course he has a lovely arian girlfriend on his arm and a stack of beer in the other hand. I don't know why but for some reason this guy bugged me more then usual. I know there are idiots out there like him even worse and in fact dealt with a few but for some reason I have been thinking about this guy for the duration of our trip. I think it is cause we were in Vegas where diversity is the norm. News flash to all bigots out there, Vegas is not the place for you. In fact you all belong on a little island of your own where u can happily have your mentally challenged arian race.
Anyways I did have a great time in Vegas and the drive has been filled with school wok, odd smells (fyi seth comes to mind on thay one, try to guess the smell), and a delicious sashimi salad. Now almost in sd and ready to go to bed but I gotta go see grandma first off. Not complaining about that though. I will always make time for grandma.
tomorrow I am gonna be back home in south jordan. Going to do school work job hunt and if anyone wants to join start of with dinner somewhere. I think I am craving a steak from applebee's.
Till Next Time
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