Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the aquarium and diet changes (possibly)

Today was oh so much fun. I did homework, then went to Corner Bakery with Mckenzie! First time going and I loved it! i gotta go there more often. After the fact we went to the living planet aquarium. that place is sooo tiny but it was oh so much fun. the was pretty much it for the day other than the weekly ab lab and zumba (always puts a smile on my face even when i get crappy news before hand.
What is this crappy news you speak of well... apparently I didn't get the Job. I know it shouldn't be a big deal but I can't keep on looking for work. I really am just tempted to give up on this whole idea that I can get a simple job. WTF?
Anywho... I really am writing this blog because I wanted to tell you what I learned today while studying and doing school work. It's more stuff I already know and that I have been working on but this has emphasized it even more. are you ready for this.... according to my classes and the way my body reacts to food I need to go lactose, gluten, soy and egg free. The egg thing I can do to some extent, everything is made lactose free now a days and gluten might be a little difficult but I can handle that and honestly I am such a soy hater that i won't even have to worry about that. the most difficult part of it all is bringing that all together. I love all kinds of foods that have at least one of those things in it. Usually as well when you make a healthy alternative that has substitutes it's only substitutes for one item. take pancakes for instance: there are eggless pancakes, wheatless pancakes, and usually it is easy to get rid of lactose out of pancakes. but have you ever seen a gluten, soy, lactose, egg free pancake? I am experimenting with somethings that come out yummy but it doesn't really end up being a pancake. it becomes more like gooey dough. I will figure it out! the weird thing is that I have so many items in my fridge that have eggs, gluten and/or lactose so I am trying to get rid of it all before I go shopping for more food (yes I am that person). I needed to get rid of everything with eggs cause that isn't helping me at all but with lactose and gluten items they don't harm me as much so if I just eat them in moderation and slowly get rid of it I shall be set. FYI the one thing that makes me happy is that spelt is technically not gluten!!! which means I still get to have the yummiest bread in all of Utah. Now I just need to find a gluten, eggless challah or try to make one. Exploring new foods is oh so much fun! I will let you know about my food endeavors.
Till Next Time

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