Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of july!

Today is a joyous day! It is independence day in good ol' U.S.A ! Even though it really is incorrect there is a reason its on the forth of july. It's because the declaration of independence was signed on this day. Its a great day to be an american where we have the right to vote for the good and bad that this country has to offer. I do have my two cents about what people have to say about this holiday one big one in particular so if you are offended especially for those in the service, my apologize....
I love my service men and women and will gladly stand next to them in the line of battle but that's not what this holiday is about. We are not praying for those we lost and who are in war at the moment so, we are not celebrating the right we have to be one of them so please set aside the love for them for just a day. The love needs to be given to those who chose to take a pen and sign a daring declaration. We celebrate there wisdom and courage and we celebrate the fact that 100s of years later some of there visions of what this nation would become is still in place and that even though this country has its flaws its still the greatest country out there.
Next thing I gotta say is this... happy birthday to one if my greatest cousins, Itay. Times with him is always filled with joy so happy birthday cousin. Luckily you live in Israel so being born on this holiday isn't a big deal. Third is my day today... I ran and did a good workout at home, I cooked something up for kol ami pot luck, worked on my puzzle and now I am at kol ami having a lesson on jews in america while eating yummy food. I really should just become a member already. Waiting for fireworks and learning a great lesson while doing so. I am learning about the three generation hypothesis.
I should actually pay attention so...
Till Next Time
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