Monday, June 13, 2011

It's official!!!

Today was AWESOME!!!!! it was just simply what I have been wanting. I woke up early and walked to treehouse then did an epic TRX work out which killed me then walked back to the apartment which by the way is 4.5 miles from treehouse. No I didn't overdue it cause it was a long slow walk especially coming back my hamstring is uber tight now so I have to be a little careful but it was so worth it the walk was refreshing.
After a good morning workout I cleaned up a bit called up maintenance and they still haven't come to fix my oven and I have this dish I wanna make so badly so if anyone wants to attempt my food I would gladly cook for them as long as I can use their kitchen (just saying).
other than that it was simple for a little bit. Read a good book, worked on my puzzle and headed out for Barnes N Noble for a little. FYI I totally want a NOOK. I am going to get one with the first pay check I get. FYI I think I can officially tell you all what is going on. A lot of you already know and the truth is I didn't want the world to know because I want to be sure this happens and considering that I start things off this week I might as well tell you all what's up... I got a JOB!!! at Lifestyle Fitness! Jen has hired me on!! I am stoked but the catch is that I get to move to St. George. which really is the only negative. I really have been questioning whether or not I want to leave SLC area but honestly this is an awesome opportunity and honestly would love to work for Jen. I have been wanting to ever since she told me the whole concept of her program. So for the past few weeks I have been trying to figure out if I really want to or not and the only thing that I questioned was the fact that there are close to no Jews in Utah. There is no synagogue, and it gets ridiculously hot in the summer. The Pros definitely outweighed the cons though. I get to have a job in a field I love. I get to work for Jen and spend more time with her and the family who are just awesome. and I could possibly spend more time with friends from RLFH as long as they're not to busy for me. To top it off Vegas is only an hour and a half away and there are plenty of synagogues I can sneak off to over there and yes that was my first thought. I even googled Jews in Vegas. No I don't gamble and I don't drink but New York has an awesome arcade and rollercoaster and so do many other places on the strip. To top it off December SHANIA TWAIN will be at the colosseum and I totally want to go see her. So I am going down there this weekend to help kickstart things then well I will figure things out as I move onto a new chapter in life.
What's great is that my day didn't even end there. Hung out with Mckenzie. gave her a tour of the apt., went to cheesecake factory and saw Super 8 at the new theater. I love that theater by the way. The movie was amazing. it went back to the old school Steven Speilberg films and did it very well.
gotta go to bed so good night and...
Till Next Time

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