Monday, June 6, 2011

missing the memories

Honestly today was just packed with going to places handing out my resume and hoping that I made an impression on someone.
I am righting a blog today because well I have been thinking a lot about the past today. Every little moment is a memory created and within that memory we remember the other moments in life that have brought you to that moment. I know no the most amazing quote but it's late I am tired and it's true. each moment i either smiled or cried for no reason. I woke up this morning made a healthy version of potato pancakes which ended up pretty yummy but then I thought about Chanukah with the family and my grandma's latkes. Then I was eating my big bowl of salad and all I could think about was grandpa and his big bowl of cereal in the morning which lead to a huge food flash back involving pizza cookies, pancake sandwiches, to turkey shawarma for thanksgiving in Israel, and jelly donuts with powdered sugar with some great friends in Israel which wasn't really helping cause then other memories I prefer not talking about on my blog popped up which was also made worse with a conversation with the mother. not that it was a really bad conversation but I would just like to forget about certain memories.
Of course there were many other food memories but enough with the food I did have other memories come o me that didn't involve food. Like in zumba today I thought of two things one is this move that we were doing reminded me of Sister Act 2 which lead me to thinking about Adam (my lil bro) and how its kind of our movie which lead me to thinking about other movies and memories like Dirty Dancing and Coming to America and spending some time with my awesome daddy then it lead to watching movies with RLFers which was interrupted by another dance move I laughed about because well only a few RLFers will understand this one..., remember that one sub we had for Brenna who did that weird hand thing? anyways she was subbing for Laura today. Of course like most zumba teachers she uses similar dance moves in most of her songs and classes. I couldn't stop but laugh and think about the day we were in zumba, then of course I thought of RLF and life with them and life before them which lead me to thinking about Sonoma and how I miss people in Sonoma which also lead to a few food memories like home made bread by Melissa, Take, and Chevy's. Which lead to memories of Davis and spending time at Pasta with Bekka which lead to a whole bunch of memories with Bekka because most of my life has been moments with Bekka. I know this is a lot and there is a whole lot more memories that popped into my head today so I will keep it short for you all. but I will add this one last thing I need to talk about. and it has nothing to do with this subject...
Today I have a lot to think about which really wasn't much and I don't want to give away to much because I am not really sure what is happening so no telling the world until the world needs to know. but I have been feeling as though the perfect opportunity is the wrong choice and it is a mixture of laziness and fear. which is when the mom called which helped in this situation but in others well the Israel thing pops into mind. anyways I gotta go to bed but I will give you more details in the last matter later on in life.
Till Next Time

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