Tuesday, June 14, 2011

lists of wants and needs.

Ok today was simply busy work. I cleaned the apartment a little, talked to management about the lease, tried calling Tom a bunch of times who is really starting to bug me with this, bought a george forman cause maintenance hasn't fixed my oven yet, and now I am at barnes n noble at the starbucks doing online orientation for school and later I will be buying some books for school. Later on I am also going to chisel! I need a good work out so I am really stoked however I have the tightest hamstring out there right now so it will be an interesting chisel.
For the topic of the day its simply a realization that I come to from time to time and that is what to spend money on. today as I was thinking about the nook and the new zelda coming out along with a whole bunch of other things I also moved towards things I need in life like the george forman so I have food to eat and getting my mirror fixed up and a whole bunch of other stuff and realized that, nook and zelda may have to wait especially since I still haven't gotten the course material for my certification cause I haven't gotten a pay check in a little while. which has put me in a slightly bummed out position. On the other hand though it kind of feels great. I feel like I am slowly becoming more and more independent and more responsible in life even though I still am clueless on a lot of things. but a year ago I would hands down go up to that little nook booth and pick out the best nook with the best cover and tell my self it was needed when in reality I still have three books at home I need to read anyways so why not read those first and then the other books that I have stashed in my SD home. Which brings me to my next little issue of the day...
I was at IKEA waiting in line behind this cute little boy in the cart attempting to play words with friends even though he doesn't know how to read. which was oh so cute and then I thought to myself I totally miss my little bro and the rest of the family and to top it off I need a good dland trip maybe I can drive down there. considering I am going down to St. George on Thursday I doubt that is going to happen. missing home just a little bit and I think that is just cause I am getting a little excited and overwhelmed about everything. however the Dland trip is just me being deprived for way to long. I need a great Dland trip.
FYI the guy at the apartments I was talking to was totally laughing when I told him I was moving to St. George. We bonded over pride week considering we both went so when he heard St. George all he thought was there is nothing down there, but I think we made plans to hit up Las Vegas at a point cause it is only 1.5 hrs away and with my driving I can make it an hour if I don't get pulled over in beaver like last time. And plus the quiet of St. George will be nice. I am getting really excited for this.
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