Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kol Ami for Shavuot.

so up until tonight it was a typical day. had an epic raising the bar with Julie then went to target to grab some stuff I needed. At about 6 I drove off to Kol Ami where we celebrated Shavuot with some classes and food seasonal veggies and fruits but I skipped on the fruit. to be honest I shouldn't eat after dark it makes me feel oh so sick. anyways I would tell you all about shavuot but to be honest I am not that well educated when it comes to this holiday. I know it is one of the three harvest holidays and it is when we got the commandments from Hashem at Sinai but that is really all I know. Tonight I did learn a lot though. We talked about the four areas of holiness which I can get into details about but it is late and I am tired so let me just skip to the important part. We got to seeing holiness in others. We were asked when did we see holiness in others. So the first thing I thought of was the most recent one which is when Adam sang at his school thing. and I have posted up this video a few times before so if you haven't seen it yet just look up Adam Recht on youtube and he should be there singing lean on me. It truly was an awesome moment for me so that is the story I shared. there was another story that popped into my head but it came to me after the fact and to be honest I can't believe I remember it but I want to share it with you. It was back in the day when the JA went on a field trip to a retirement home and some how I bonded with a women who even though I don't remember my grandmother on my mothers side she reminded me of her and I just couldn't help but bond with her and the moment that I saw holiness in her is when she gave me this big smile the moment I left hinting out that she knew this may be the last and only time we see each other but it was a great time. It was the last time. not gonna lie a kid in elementary school who is as slow as I am when it comes to planning has some difficulties going back to a retirement home to visit people. Why I remember this moment I don't know but this memory comes to me every now and then.
anywho more happened that day that I can talk about. I met this guy named tyler who is a 26 year old stoner who just got dumped by his fiance but he is pretty chill. He is thinking about converting to Judaism and I really hope he does. Not cause I am bias or anything like that but because if you saw him it was amazing to see someone so happy about learning about a religion and the stories that create the belief system.
I also have gotten a step closer to revealing the news that I mentioned last blog. but I still have to take care of some things and it still needs to be official so no sharing yet but I will give you a hint... Lets just say that now more than ever I wouldn't mind if my little bro ends up going to UNLV after high school.
gotta go to bed so...
Till Next Time

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