Thursday, June 23, 2011

a blog after a crazy two weeks.

Some good friends have reminded me that I need to write a new blog and that it has been a while. Considering that the past couple weeks have been really interesting it is time for a new blog.
For those of you who haven't been reading my statuses on facebook let me give you the summary... After talking to my good friend Jen who has been building up her own fitness retreat I moved to St. George so I can work for her. whithin weeks it went from small talk to me staying in a condo and cooking with the Castillo's, who are clients of Lifestyle Fitness which is the programs name by the way. It does have a website ( look it up sign up and have a great time learning to live a healthy life. I know I totally just made some cheesy pitch but Jen and Chad have what can be a great program and I am so happy I get to be a part of it.
The Past couple days though I have been in such a rut because of it and here is why.... I have finally been gaining more of a social life here in SLC area and now I have to leave. Finding friends in St. George is apparently supposed to be a whole lot harder so I am a little scared. The truth is there really isn't a lot of social things to do in St. George. On a good note there is a college close by that does have some things going on so maybe I can start there. Second thing that bugs me is the fact that there are no Jews in St. George. I know you all thought SLC had minimal jews but at least there are quite a few of them here and it was nice to finally meet people and get involved with that. Now I got to find some how to start from scratch, Find people who are willing to start some sort of small Jewish community in St. George and I have know idea how to do that. Third issue is that it is ridiculously hot!!! Seriously can't take that much heat. I don't know how I am going to survive the summer when it's only June and already getting to triple digits. There are little things as well.. Like the weird FLDS women that I really am trying to understand but I just can't, the fact that the costco and the walmart aren't that close or that the mall is oh so tine really bugs me, the fact that certain relationships may be strained because of this isn't really helping my cause either. One big thing is that I really don't even know if I am even cut out for this. If I am actually cut out for what Jen and Chad need me to do but I am trying to do my best and I am trying to prove otherwise. lastly is the moving. To be honest i don't know where to start because I don't know where I am going to be in the next month I live in a condo that I am going to share with one of the clients which is awesome but I just have so much stuff and I know I am going to move soon I just don't know where and I don't know how so I don't know where to put my stuff and how to bring it down. So I am here in South Jordan in the perfect apartment that I am about to loose soon and I don't know what to do having a small little panic attack because I am kind of at it alone. at least thats what it feels like. usually I have my parents help me out and it's not like they wouldn't in a heart beat fly over here and help out but honestly that would be way to much for them and I do want to try to do this on my own I just don't know where to start when I don't really have a place for everything. to add to that I just started a hard puzzle and I have no idea how I am going to get that down there either. Ok enough with the negatives there are a few great things about this endeavor of mine. I get to work with Jen and Chad who are awesome. The job I have is a dream. I get to help people accomplish so much! another plus is that the Gold's gym in St. George is a whole lot nicer than the ones around here and that is helpful cause it makes leaving treehouse a little easier which FYI I really don't want to leave treehouse. There are a lot of amazing people there I don't want to leave. another great thing is The Bear Claw!! This amazing breakfast joint that has the best Muesli ever!!! To top it if this becomes more than just a job and for the first time I actually spend more than a year in a place and if my little brother actually goes to UNLV That would be amazing. We would be close enough to where I could come and visit from time to time. Ok so there really are more negatives than positives but let me be honest with you there is a reason why I am continuing this. I am trying to explain it but I really don't know how. it is kind of like why I moved to Utah in the first place.... all because something in me is telling me to fight it. Fight the negative fight all those thoughts in your head and use this experience to find out what truly makes you happy in life. Honestly it ended up being the best thing I did moving to Utah and pushing out every negative thought away for the first time rather than just listening to it and running away from life it actually did a whole lot of good. So I am going to do it again. To top it off even though the quantity of the positives are less than the negatives the quality of the good weighs a whole ton more than the negatives. So I am stoked to say after a large panic attack I know that but I still have no idea what to do with the whle moving situation.
Till Next Time

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

lists of wants and needs.

Ok today was simply busy work. I cleaned the apartment a little, talked to management about the lease, tried calling Tom a bunch of times who is really starting to bug me with this, bought a george forman cause maintenance hasn't fixed my oven yet, and now I am at barnes n noble at the starbucks doing online orientation for school and later I will be buying some books for school. Later on I am also going to chisel! I need a good work out so I am really stoked however I have the tightest hamstring out there right now so it will be an interesting chisel.
For the topic of the day its simply a realization that I come to from time to time and that is what to spend money on. today as I was thinking about the nook and the new zelda coming out along with a whole bunch of other things I also moved towards things I need in life like the george forman so I have food to eat and getting my mirror fixed up and a whole bunch of other stuff and realized that, nook and zelda may have to wait especially since I still haven't gotten the course material for my certification cause I haven't gotten a pay check in a little while. which has put me in a slightly bummed out position. On the other hand though it kind of feels great. I feel like I am slowly becoming more and more independent and more responsible in life even though I still am clueless on a lot of things. but a year ago I would hands down go up to that little nook booth and pick out the best nook with the best cover and tell my self it was needed when in reality I still have three books at home I need to read anyways so why not read those first and then the other books that I have stashed in my SD home. Which brings me to my next little issue of the day...
I was at IKEA waiting in line behind this cute little boy in the cart attempting to play words with friends even though he doesn't know how to read. which was oh so cute and then I thought to myself I totally miss my little bro and the rest of the family and to top it off I need a good dland trip maybe I can drive down there. considering I am going down to St. George on Thursday I doubt that is going to happen. missing home just a little bit and I think that is just cause I am getting a little excited and overwhelmed about everything. however the Dland trip is just me being deprived for way to long. I need a great Dland trip.
FYI the guy at the apartments I was talking to was totally laughing when I told him I was moving to St. George. We bonded over pride week considering we both went so when he heard St. George all he thought was there is nothing down there, but I think we made plans to hit up Las Vegas at a point cause it is only 1.5 hrs away and with my driving I can make it an hour if I don't get pulled over in beaver like last time. And plus the quiet of St. George will be nice. I am getting really excited for this.
Till Next Time

Monday, June 13, 2011

It's official!!!

Today was AWESOME!!!!! it was just simply what I have been wanting. I woke up early and walked to treehouse then did an epic TRX work out which killed me then walked back to the apartment which by the way is 4.5 miles from treehouse. No I didn't overdue it cause it was a long slow walk especially coming back my hamstring is uber tight now so I have to be a little careful but it was so worth it the walk was refreshing.
After a good morning workout I cleaned up a bit called up maintenance and they still haven't come to fix my oven and I have this dish I wanna make so badly so if anyone wants to attempt my food I would gladly cook for them as long as I can use their kitchen (just saying).
other than that it was simple for a little bit. Read a good book, worked on my puzzle and headed out for Barnes N Noble for a little. FYI I totally want a NOOK. I am going to get one with the first pay check I get. FYI I think I can officially tell you all what is going on. A lot of you already know and the truth is I didn't want the world to know because I want to be sure this happens and considering that I start things off this week I might as well tell you all what's up... I got a JOB!!! at Lifestyle Fitness! Jen has hired me on!! I am stoked but the catch is that I get to move to St. George. which really is the only negative. I really have been questioning whether or not I want to leave SLC area but honestly this is an awesome opportunity and honestly would love to work for Jen. I have been wanting to ever since she told me the whole concept of her program. So for the past few weeks I have been trying to figure out if I really want to or not and the only thing that I questioned was the fact that there are close to no Jews in Utah. There is no synagogue, and it gets ridiculously hot in the summer. The Pros definitely outweighed the cons though. I get to have a job in a field I love. I get to work for Jen and spend more time with her and the family who are just awesome. and I could possibly spend more time with friends from RLFH as long as they're not to busy for me. To top it off Vegas is only an hour and a half away and there are plenty of synagogues I can sneak off to over there and yes that was my first thought. I even googled Jews in Vegas. No I don't gamble and I don't drink but New York has an awesome arcade and rollercoaster and so do many other places on the strip. To top it off December SHANIA TWAIN will be at the colosseum and I totally want to go see her. So I am going down there this weekend to help kickstart things then well I will figure things out as I move onto a new chapter in life.
What's great is that my day didn't even end there. Hung out with Mckenzie. gave her a tour of the apt., went to cheesecake factory and saw Super 8 at the new theater. I love that theater by the way. The movie was amazing. it went back to the old school Steven Speilberg films and did it very well.
gotta go to bed so good night and...
Till Next Time

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kol Ami for Shavuot.

so up until tonight it was a typical day. had an epic raising the bar with Julie then went to target to grab some stuff I needed. At about 6 I drove off to Kol Ami where we celebrated Shavuot with some classes and food seasonal veggies and fruits but I skipped on the fruit. to be honest I shouldn't eat after dark it makes me feel oh so sick. anyways I would tell you all about shavuot but to be honest I am not that well educated when it comes to this holiday. I know it is one of the three harvest holidays and it is when we got the commandments from Hashem at Sinai but that is really all I know. Tonight I did learn a lot though. We talked about the four areas of holiness which I can get into details about but it is late and I am tired so let me just skip to the important part. We got to seeing holiness in others. We were asked when did we see holiness in others. So the first thing I thought of was the most recent one which is when Adam sang at his school thing. and I have posted up this video a few times before so if you haven't seen it yet just look up Adam Recht on youtube and he should be there singing lean on me. It truly was an awesome moment for me so that is the story I shared. there was another story that popped into my head but it came to me after the fact and to be honest I can't believe I remember it but I want to share it with you. It was back in the day when the JA went on a field trip to a retirement home and some how I bonded with a women who even though I don't remember my grandmother on my mothers side she reminded me of her and I just couldn't help but bond with her and the moment that I saw holiness in her is when she gave me this big smile the moment I left hinting out that she knew this may be the last and only time we see each other but it was a great time. It was the last time. not gonna lie a kid in elementary school who is as slow as I am when it comes to planning has some difficulties going back to a retirement home to visit people. Why I remember this moment I don't know but this memory comes to me every now and then.
anywho more happened that day that I can talk about. I met this guy named tyler who is a 26 year old stoner who just got dumped by his fiance but he is pretty chill. He is thinking about converting to Judaism and I really hope he does. Not cause I am bias or anything like that but because if you saw him it was amazing to see someone so happy about learning about a religion and the stories that create the belief system.
I also have gotten a step closer to revealing the news that I mentioned last blog. but I still have to take care of some things and it still needs to be official so no sharing yet but I will give you a hint... Lets just say that now more than ever I wouldn't mind if my little bro ends up going to UNLV after high school.
gotta go to bed so...
Till Next Time

Monday, June 6, 2011

missing the memories

Honestly today was just packed with going to places handing out my resume and hoping that I made an impression on someone.
I am righting a blog today because well I have been thinking a lot about the past today. Every little moment is a memory created and within that memory we remember the other moments in life that have brought you to that moment. I know no the most amazing quote but it's late I am tired and it's true. each moment i either smiled or cried for no reason. I woke up this morning made a healthy version of potato pancakes which ended up pretty yummy but then I thought about Chanukah with the family and my grandma's latkes. Then I was eating my big bowl of salad and all I could think about was grandpa and his big bowl of cereal in the morning which lead to a huge food flash back involving pizza cookies, pancake sandwiches, to turkey shawarma for thanksgiving in Israel, and jelly donuts with powdered sugar with some great friends in Israel which wasn't really helping cause then other memories I prefer not talking about on my blog popped up which was also made worse with a conversation with the mother. not that it was a really bad conversation but I would just like to forget about certain memories.
Of course there were many other food memories but enough with the food I did have other memories come o me that didn't involve food. Like in zumba today I thought of two things one is this move that we were doing reminded me of Sister Act 2 which lead me to thinking about Adam (my lil bro) and how its kind of our movie which lead me to thinking about other movies and memories like Dirty Dancing and Coming to America and spending some time with my awesome daddy then it lead to watching movies with RLFers which was interrupted by another dance move I laughed about because well only a few RLFers will understand this one..., remember that one sub we had for Brenna who did that weird hand thing? anyways she was subbing for Laura today. Of course like most zumba teachers she uses similar dance moves in most of her songs and classes. I couldn't stop but laugh and think about the day we were in zumba, then of course I thought of RLF and life with them and life before them which lead me to thinking about Sonoma and how I miss people in Sonoma which also lead to a few food memories like home made bread by Melissa, Take, and Chevy's. Which lead to memories of Davis and spending time at Pasta with Bekka which lead to a whole bunch of memories with Bekka because most of my life has been moments with Bekka. I know this is a lot and there is a whole lot more memories that popped into my head today so I will keep it short for you all. but I will add this one last thing I need to talk about. and it has nothing to do with this subject...
Today I have a lot to think about which really wasn't much and I don't want to give away to much because I am not really sure what is happening so no telling the world until the world needs to know. but I have been feeling as though the perfect opportunity is the wrong choice and it is a mixture of laziness and fear. which is when the mom called which helped in this situation but in others well the Israel thing pops into mind. anyways I gotta go to bed but I will give you more details in the last matter later on in life.
Till Next Time