Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yom Hashoah

today is Yom Hashoah! It is a Jewish day of morning for those who were killed in the Holocaust due to the mind of Adolf Hitler. in the late 30s up until the mid 40s Adolf Hitler spent his time killing millions of people. 11 million people to be exact. 6 million of those were Jewish and 5 million who were handicapped, gay, gypsies, anyone who question him and many others.
As a granddaughter of the greatest grandmother ever who so happens to be a holocaust survivor I take this holiday to heart. Each Yom Hashoah I take a moment and mourn those lost in the holocaust and in all of WWII. However this day I also celebrate. I know you are going WTF!! but here me out. in the 40s a great family friend of my grandmother had the courage to make her a child of theirs so she wasn't killed. Today I am lucky enough to have a grandmother who probably worries about me more than my mother does. I have a grandmother who would give me a ridiculous amount of protein bars for my birthday, a grandmother who makes the most delicious food, a grandmother who probably wouldn't mind if I called her up right at this moment and asked to crash at her place because I want a delicious pancake sandwich and wanna play kings in the corner in the morning, I really do have a great grandmother, so I celebrate the fact that I am lucky enough to have a miracle happen to my grandmother so that she could come to America meet one of the greatest men to have lived on this earth and create the greatest father out there who spoils me all to much. Why wouldn't I celebrate that?
I do take that moment to light the Yom Hashoah Yahrzeit candle. At this second I don't think of my grandmother. I can't, if I do all I can do is smile because all I can do is smile. This moment I do something that I hope all of you can do. I remind myself of the people who aren't as fortunate. the parents who didn't make it, the children that didn't make it, everyone, all 11 million people who were killed because some mad genius couldn't handle looking in the mirror and not seeing blond hair and blue eyes.
Today I ask of you all to do the same. Remember the ones who were murdered in the holocaust! for that split second it takes you to light the candle breath, thank g-d you and your loved ones are well and then mourn those who didn't survive. After go get a drink and enjoy the day. I might not drink with you but I will celebrate with you.
If your in Utah 2 o'clock go to the commemoration at the salt lake capital rotunda. to be honest I really don't even know how to get there but I will figure it out.
I will tell you how it goes

Till Next Time

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