Thursday, May 5, 2011

what I can tell you....

Ok so today was going to the doctors getting a bunch of tests done then going to work nothing really special. Today's blog is about a whole lot of questions being asked thanks to a certain status on RLFH. So let me answer what i can. 1. I do absolutely know whats going on. 2. no I will not tell you. I will tell you this it will be a great thing for RLFH. It does change a whole lot though.
speaking of change I need a change i am going to start my nutrition certification with AFPA. I think it will do me good. second I need to be more into the Jewish community here in SLC area and third well I think I wanna talk to a few people about the third change before I can blurt about it online
Third thing of this ridiculous day is that I am starting my next quarter in July. register next week and it will all be online. I am really excited to get back to learning
fourth is that I am leaving on the twentieth for ROPO!!!!! I can't wait my friends haven't seen me in forever I need some ROPO time. After that heading down to SD for a certain best friends 21st!!! An epic celebration is needed and there will be an epic celebration! will be there for a week and then driving back up to Utah. FYI I do believe St. George is on the way and there is a certain awesome trainer I haven't seen in forever (hint, hint Jen) Just saying.
Now hopefully by tomorrow or very soon I will be able to give you more dirt on whats really going on in my life because to be honest I don't know.
I think I am secretly waiting for a certain question to be asked. I might actually say yes. That is even if people are actually considering it if not well then I really don't know whats going on in my life.

Till Next Time

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