Saturday, May 28, 2011

OPH eggs and laughing at the spa

today was interesting to say the least. I went to Original Pancake house to visit bekka and don't worry I did my research on what to get before hand which may have actually been the death of me. I knew to get buckwheat pancakes the tough part was finding a good protein. here is the deal OPH has some of the best pancakes. There chocolate is their best and my favorite is their potato pancakes but there buckwheat is up there with their awesomeness. But all there protein is, is eggs, sausage or bacon and their mediocre corn beef hash so in my head I am thinking dear goodness what am I going to do... Which is when in my head I am thinking I know if I eat eggs I will regret it. it will be the most painful situation to be in but they make the most fluffiest scrambled eggs. I really don't like eggs and scrambled eggs are disgusting to me but for some reason these scrambled eggs are just so fluffy I can't help myself. So I got scrambled egg whites.. First the buckwheat pancakes came out which was awesome because I got to appreciate the awesomeness before getting to the eggs. when the eggs came out I dowsed it in yummy hot sauce embraced myself for that first painful bite and went for it. about thirty seconds after my first bite all I could think about was dear g-d let me be able to go through the day without going to the hospital. my stomach got upset my chest started hurting and my breathing went from low to extremely low. Luckily I got to hangout I got to chill at OPH for a little so I could settle down. really it was only cause Bekka needed me there today and I am glad she did. Don't worry OPH eggs are the only eggs I might think about eating ever again but after this morning I don't even know if I would do that ever again we shall see. the rest of the day was pretty good. I went to the spa where I got a mani/pedi and while doing so had the greatest laugh when Cyrus got hit on by some Russian fugly cougar who had to have been drunk or something but it made my day. to add to that hilariousness Vivian was being hit by this random guy with a crutch that was geting a hair cut by her. The entire spa was cracking up the rest of the day. Best part of my day today believe it or not wasn't that but my workout. You know those excellent workouts that hurt so much that 40 minutes of torture instead of an hour is oh so much more than enough. now when I wake up tomorrow I know I will be sore it was spectacular. what are the plans for the rest of the night? Possible movie with some awesome peeps. oh and yes I did hang out with bekka last night but we were so tired that in only took a couple hours for us to agree that the night was over.

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