Monday, May 16, 2011

Kala Left me!!

So last night I put up a comment and of course people are asking about it so let me explain. I am very sad for a few reasons and one epic reason. This weekend Real Life moved to St. George and to be honest that doesn't bum me out at all. they have done a great thing for the program and it is actually really exciting. I am sad that I will see some people less and less as they start fully move down there, like Steff and Trish :(. I am bummed that I am pretty much out of a job. FYI if anyone is looking for someone I am free! and it could be anytime since school is all online now. I am also bummed that I have know idea where to begin my life here in SLC. I have a few leads but I don't know which way to turn.
Lastly and most importantly probably is that Kala left. there have been many RLFH clients that leave and have touched me but only a few have become true friends and only a few have made me cry after the fact. Kala is definitely one of those few who just will never stop being my friend and hopefully her plans actually pan out and we end up being roomies because spending time with her is so much fun. Now she is probably back in Tennessee just as bummed as I am cause she is not here :(
On a good note the drive back home was amazing! no traffic, nice weather and great music! can't get any more perfect than that. I also am now officially re-enrolled at Broadview University! and I have my laptop back after not bringing it to St. George. which FYI not my smartest idea.
Now you need to know about an important countdown because I am really excited... in 4 days I shall be driving up to ROPO to finally see my friends who haven't seen me in over a year, and in 1 week I will be going down to SD to celebrate bekka's 21st!!! after that I am back home in Utah hopefully with a job.
and BTW it has been exactly 1 year since I started at RLFH! may 16th of last year I became a real lifer for life!

Till Next Time

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  1. Coly!! I just forked out the $ to buy a new laptop today and was stalking you on facebook only to see I was the topic of your blog post! Thanks for all the kind workds! Aw...... I miss you soooo much! You are truly a genuine and amazing person and you inspire me soooo much everyday! :) Now that I have a laptop I can start looking and applying for jobs!! Hip Hip Hooray! I miss your cookin'!! - K-Slice :)