Monday, May 30, 2011

dinner for the family!

Today I cooked! I made a delicious salad, top sirloin, cabbage, and a strawberry "ice cream". I worked all at on it but inbetween I enjoyed myself. I had a great workout, played some sudoku, and went to bj's with adam and his friend rick. Now I know that's not a lot to blog about it but I want to tell you about a couple things. One is I think as fun as it was I scared my grandma. I tend to et in this scary zone when I cook and it ain't pretty. I was making this dessert and she tried to help but I wouldn't let her.
Fyi this is taking me a while to right so now dinner is over. Everyone loved it!! I loved it and had a great time.
I do have to tell you about my salad dressing... it was a lemon ginger dressing. I finally perfected it. Ever since dinner in st. George where it just wasn't right I have been trying and I finally did it. I don't really know. What I did but I did it. Next time I will measure everything out and let you know.
For the rest of the night I am packing having a possible hookah session and going to bed

Till Next Time
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