Monday, May 30, 2011

dinner for the family!

Today I cooked! I made a delicious salad, top sirloin, cabbage, and a strawberry "ice cream". I worked all at on it but inbetween I enjoyed myself. I had a great workout, played some sudoku, and went to bj's with adam and his friend rick. Now I know that's not a lot to blog about it but I want to tell you about a couple things. One is I think as fun as it was I scared my grandma. I tend to et in this scary zone when I cook and it ain't pretty. I was making this dessert and she tried to help but I wouldn't let her.
Fyi this is taking me a while to right so now dinner is over. Everyone loved it!! I loved it and had a great time.
I do have to tell you about my salad dressing... it was a lemon ginger dressing. I finally perfected it. Ever since dinner in st. George where it just wasn't right I have been trying and I finally did it. I don't really know. What I did but I did it. Next time I will measure everything out and let you know.
For the rest of the night I am packing having a possible hookah session and going to bed

Till Next Time
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

OPH eggs and laughing at the spa

today was interesting to say the least. I went to Original Pancake house to visit bekka and don't worry I did my research on what to get before hand which may have actually been the death of me. I knew to get buckwheat pancakes the tough part was finding a good protein. here is the deal OPH has some of the best pancakes. There chocolate is their best and my favorite is their potato pancakes but there buckwheat is up there with their awesomeness. But all there protein is, is eggs, sausage or bacon and their mediocre corn beef hash so in my head I am thinking dear goodness what am I going to do... Which is when in my head I am thinking I know if I eat eggs I will regret it. it will be the most painful situation to be in but they make the most fluffiest scrambled eggs. I really don't like eggs and scrambled eggs are disgusting to me but for some reason these scrambled eggs are just so fluffy I can't help myself. So I got scrambled egg whites.. First the buckwheat pancakes came out which was awesome because I got to appreciate the awesomeness before getting to the eggs. when the eggs came out I dowsed it in yummy hot sauce embraced myself for that first painful bite and went for it. about thirty seconds after my first bite all I could think about was dear g-d let me be able to go through the day without going to the hospital. my stomach got upset my chest started hurting and my breathing went from low to extremely low. Luckily I got to hangout I got to chill at OPH for a little so I could settle down. really it was only cause Bekka needed me there today and I am glad she did. Don't worry OPH eggs are the only eggs I might think about eating ever again but after this morning I don't even know if I would do that ever again we shall see. the rest of the day was pretty good. I went to the spa where I got a mani/pedi and while doing so had the greatest laugh when Cyrus got hit on by some Russian fugly cougar who had to have been drunk or something but it made my day. to add to that hilariousness Vivian was being hit by this random guy with a crutch that was geting a hair cut by her. The entire spa was cracking up the rest of the day. Best part of my day today believe it or not wasn't that but my workout. You know those excellent workouts that hurt so much that 40 minutes of torture instead of an hour is oh so much more than enough. now when I wake up tomorrow I know I will be sore it was spectacular. what are the plans for the rest of the night? Possible movie with some awesome peeps. oh and yes I did hang out with bekka last night but we were so tired that in only took a couple hours for us to agree that the night was over.

Till Next Time

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

balboa to Star of India

Today I woke up wondering I need a good walk. one of those walks where you just let your legs take you to the end of the world and back and you don't even hesitate to follow them. I woke up ate my morning snack made Adam breakfast sent out some resumes prepared snack and lunch o take out just in case the walk went on which it kind of did. then drove off not really knowing where I wanted to go but for some reason as I hit the stop sign right before windmill farms it donned on me that I should go to Balboa Park. The most beautiful place in San Diego. The trails there are amazing andwell I might even step into a museum or two. I parked in that small parking lot by the carousel and just started walking. As I got closer to the trails I took a turn to be honest I don't remember how but I ended up taking a complete 180 and headed towards the museums. checked out some art while walking, found this restaurant that was one on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives called Hob Nob or something like that, ran into a sketch gas station for a quick moment and eventually ended up in between Anthony's and the Star of India looking out at the ocean and the coast guard base thinking this is awesome! After about 30 seconds of euphoria the thought of walking back popped into my head. but I had to take a quick stop cause there was this class field trip at the Star of India and they were singing some odd song that I can't remember but they wanted me to join in so I did. Walking up some how took a little longer. I don't know if it was the fact that it was up hill the entire time or the fact that I ran out of water but either way going down to the water was a whole lot easier. It was also filled with a fun phone call from Andrea, and a fun texting conversation with Bekka. At the end I stopped by the Reuben H. Fleet center and took a little pit stop at the little store figured there might be something fun to get but I didn't get anything. I just left came home and ate my lunch.
After all of that it was kind of a down grade for the rest of the day. I have been sending out resumes and trying to figure out whether or not I should leave SD earlier than anticipated because I really do miss SLC area. As gorgeous as SD is there is something missing.
Tonight I am continuing my day with a possible hookah session with Bekka and Michael. I shall keep you posted..
FYI totally pulled off this amazing sauce with mushrooms and tomato paste well worth attempting. if y'all want the recipe let me know.

Till Next Time

Monday, May 16, 2011

Kala Left me!!

So last night I put up a comment and of course people are asking about it so let me explain. I am very sad for a few reasons and one epic reason. This weekend Real Life moved to St. George and to be honest that doesn't bum me out at all. they have done a great thing for the program and it is actually really exciting. I am sad that I will see some people less and less as they start fully move down there, like Steff and Trish :(. I am bummed that I am pretty much out of a job. FYI if anyone is looking for someone I am free! and it could be anytime since school is all online now. I am also bummed that I have know idea where to begin my life here in SLC. I have a few leads but I don't know which way to turn.
Lastly and most importantly probably is that Kala left. there have been many RLFH clients that leave and have touched me but only a few have become true friends and only a few have made me cry after the fact. Kala is definitely one of those few who just will never stop being my friend and hopefully her plans actually pan out and we end up being roomies because spending time with her is so much fun. Now she is probably back in Tennessee just as bummed as I am cause she is not here :(
On a good note the drive back home was amazing! no traffic, nice weather and great music! can't get any more perfect than that. I also am now officially re-enrolled at Broadview University! and I have my laptop back after not bringing it to St. George. which FYI not my smartest idea.
Now you need to know about an important countdown because I am really excited... in 4 days I shall be driving up to ROPO to finally see my friends who haven't seen me in over a year, and in 1 week I will be going down to SD to celebrate bekka's 21st!!! after that I am back home in Utah hopefully with a job.
and BTW it has been exactly 1 year since I started at RLFH! may 16th of last year I became a real lifer for life!

Till Next Time

Thursday, May 5, 2011

what I can tell you....

Ok so today was going to the doctors getting a bunch of tests done then going to work nothing really special. Today's blog is about a whole lot of questions being asked thanks to a certain status on RLFH. So let me answer what i can. 1. I do absolutely know whats going on. 2. no I will not tell you. I will tell you this it will be a great thing for RLFH. It does change a whole lot though.
speaking of change I need a change i am going to start my nutrition certification with AFPA. I think it will do me good. second I need to be more into the Jewish community here in SLC area and third well I think I wanna talk to a few people about the third change before I can blurt about it online
Third thing of this ridiculous day is that I am starting my next quarter in July. register next week and it will all be online. I am really excited to get back to learning
fourth is that I am leaving on the twentieth for ROPO!!!!! I can't wait my friends haven't seen me in forever I need some ROPO time. After that heading down to SD for a certain best friends 21st!!! An epic celebration is needed and there will be an epic celebration! will be there for a week and then driving back up to Utah. FYI I do believe St. George is on the way and there is a certain awesome trainer I haven't seen in forever (hint, hint Jen) Just saying.
Now hopefully by tomorrow or very soon I will be able to give you more dirt on whats really going on in my life because to be honest I don't know.
I think I am secretly waiting for a certain question to be asked. I might actually say yes. That is even if people are actually considering it if not well then I really don't know whats going on in my life.

Till Next Time

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yom Hashoah

today is Yom Hashoah! It is a Jewish day of morning for those who were killed in the Holocaust due to the mind of Adolf Hitler. in the late 30s up until the mid 40s Adolf Hitler spent his time killing millions of people. 11 million people to be exact. 6 million of those were Jewish and 5 million who were handicapped, gay, gypsies, anyone who question him and many others.
As a granddaughter of the greatest grandmother ever who so happens to be a holocaust survivor I take this holiday to heart. Each Yom Hashoah I take a moment and mourn those lost in the holocaust and in all of WWII. However this day I also celebrate. I know you are going WTF!! but here me out. in the 40s a great family friend of my grandmother had the courage to make her a child of theirs so she wasn't killed. Today I am lucky enough to have a grandmother who probably worries about me more than my mother does. I have a grandmother who would give me a ridiculous amount of protein bars for my birthday, a grandmother who makes the most delicious food, a grandmother who probably wouldn't mind if I called her up right at this moment and asked to crash at her place because I want a delicious pancake sandwich and wanna play kings in the corner in the morning, I really do have a great grandmother, so I celebrate the fact that I am lucky enough to have a miracle happen to my grandmother so that she could come to America meet one of the greatest men to have lived on this earth and create the greatest father out there who spoils me all to much. Why wouldn't I celebrate that?
I do take that moment to light the Yom Hashoah Yahrzeit candle. At this second I don't think of my grandmother. I can't, if I do all I can do is smile because all I can do is smile. This moment I do something that I hope all of you can do. I remind myself of the people who aren't as fortunate. the parents who didn't make it, the children that didn't make it, everyone, all 11 million people who were killed because some mad genius couldn't handle looking in the mirror and not seeing blond hair and blue eyes.
Today I ask of you all to do the same. Remember the ones who were murdered in the holocaust! for that split second it takes you to light the candle breath, thank g-d you and your loved ones are well and then mourn those who didn't survive. After go get a drink and enjoy the day. I might not drink with you but I will celebrate with you.
If your in Utah 2 o'clock go to the commemoration at the salt lake capital rotunda. to be honest I really don't even know how to get there but I will figure it out.
I will tell you how it goes

Till Next Time