Sunday, April 24, 2011

writing what i write...

So some of you may notice that recently my statuses and blogs have been somewhat negative. However most of you know me enough to no that most of these blogs aren't really me. Then you ask yourself why or there are those who don't know me at all and question why I am such a negative person. Well I am not a negative person. My life is great I have fantastic friends including a best friend and a family that means everything to me. I have an amazing new life here in good ol' Utah with a fun job and a great school which I will hopefully be re-enrolled in early fall. So life is near perfection. Hashem has given me a gift with this life of mine and I wouldn't ask to trade it for anything. However in a world where there are challenges rag person is put to numerous tests. My last epic test was in Israel and I will say I failed that one big time. This time around I am given a different test. This time around though there is no right way to go about this. I am just given this pain and have to decide what right answer to pick. So back to my title... I have web writting these depressing statuses and blogs because it is my outlet. I am able to think straight when I type things up like this. I didn't start writing these blogs for you guys no offense. I started writing cause it was something I an look back at all of this when I start loosing my mind.
Any who I am writing this blog because today was tough. It was painful and exhausting I couldn't stay awake for the day and I think I did loose my mind today at work. Work was fun though tom is an awesome boss with an awesome doggy it was a fun day. Which I had to remind myself that. Aside from this pain and being sick of being sick life is perfect I couldn't ask for a better life and I wanna look back at this blog when this all blows over and remind myself of that.
So I ask you to not look atvthe negative posts and think who the heck is this person but keep in mind that I am just fighting a mental battle that will go on for a bit so my apologies. I hope I can bring you some awesome blogs once again.
Fyi today is also steff's bday I got her what I think is a fun gift I hopefully will get to give it to her tomorrow.

Till next time
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